Diamond Watches 101; How to Start

Watches are an amazing accessory. Not only do they elevate your overall look, but a watch on your hand can make you seem like someone who is important and respects their time. A high-quality watch hence can speak a lot about you, and some watches can become a statement to your personal style.

Among such high-end watches, diamond-encrusted watches are what are in trend. If you are planning to get a diamond watch, you sure need to take a few things under consideration before putting your money on the table. Here are some great points that you should take care of before you buy a diamond watch.

Things to Make Sure Before Starting your Diamond Watch Shopping:

There are many aspects that you have to keep in your mind before making any purchase. If the purchase is as big as a diamond watch, then you have to be extra careful in your likes and wants because impulsive decisions can let your money go down the drain. It is important for you to know what you are looking for in a watch before you head out to buy one. Here are the things which you should consider before buying a diamond watch.

  • Budget:

Diamond watches for sure are expensive; however, they have varying prices too. So it is essential to first decide a specific budget that you are willing to spend on this particular accessory before you head on to deciding anything else. 

A diamond watch can be an asset that can be passed down from generation to generation as a valuable family accessory. Hence, whatever your budget is, it is important that you make sure that the watch you are going to buy, whether diamond watches for women or men, have excellent quality in accordance with your budget. 

  • The C’s of Diamond:

Diamonds depend crucially on their four Cs which are color, cut, clarity, and Carat, and even in a diamond watch, they hold the same importance. It is important for you to choose a color that resonates with you and customize your whole watch around it for the diamond to stand out. Moreover, the clarity and cut of the diamond should be good enough for blemishes or scratches to not be visible through the watch. 

  • Consider the Material:

While diamond encrustations will be your main component, there has to be a material on which the watch is based, right? Watches come in various materials, from stainless steel to golds and titanium, all have their own charm. However, it depends on which material you are comfortable with and what you believe will look good with the diamond piece you are going with.

Make sure whatever material you choose is not too heavy on the hand, does not fade or corrode, and is resistant to scratches. All this will define the durability of your watch.

  • Modern Look or Vintage Look:

Your diamond watch should be according to your style and taste, and hence it is important to narrow down your watch’s look. Watches for long are available in two major categories, modern looking and vintage classics. While both have various subcategories of their own, it is up to you to decide what your ideal type is. Once you know that, it will be easier to narrow down your other choices.

Both modern and vintage looks have their own charm, so choose the style which will go best with the diamond you are using and your personal style.

  • Subtle or Bling:

Apart from modern and vintage, there is another important style preference that comes in watches, and that is if you want it subtle or want it to have some bling. While subtle watches are more of an office-appropriate look on men, bling’s can work well for women in office and parties both. There is no hard rule to this, and both genders can utilize both subtle and bling watches anywhere according to their style. Hence, it all narrows down to what you like. Therefore, it is crucial that you decide where you will be utilizing your diamond watch the most and plan its subtlety levels according to it.

  • Face Covering:

What is the first and most looked at part of your watch? The dial, obviously, Hence, it is essential that you use an excellent face cover of impeccable quality to cover your dial.

The face covers come in many materials, from acrylics and low-quality plastics to unbreakable semi-glass materials. Considering you are buying a diamond watch, it is important that you buy the top-quality face cover material your jeweler has. If you are investing in one of the top quality minerals in the world, investing in the face cover is important too. The face cover will protect your watch from any scratches while also preventing shatters in case of falls too. A broken face cover will make even your diamond Rolex watches for men look unattractive. 

With a clear scratch-free face cover, our diamonds will be prominent and blingy too.


Diamond is one of the most gorgeous minerals on earth, and it is utilized in a whole lot of jewelry and accessory pieces. While buying a diamond accessory is an excellent investment, it is vital for you to consider various aspects that are related to it before spending hefty sums of money.

If you are planning to buy a diamond watch, we hope this guide was helpful enough to walk you through the essential points of consideration before investing in a diamond watch.