Deck Up Your Poolside With These Lighting Tips & Tricks

A pool is one of the most important recreational spaces of a home, and it is definitely a favourite spot to spend time during summer. But it’s not just the summer when you use this particular part of your home. The poolside area can be the perfect place to spend your night or those sombre evenings when you seek solitude. You can also host a nice soiree or a barbeque by your pool whenever you like it. 

Most homeowners make the mistake of assuming that you can only plan something by your pool only during the day. And that’s why most pools and poolside areas are ignored when it comes to illumination. Your poolside area can not only become much more functional but also much more beautiful when lit up properly. Now that you have realised that lighting can’t simply be treated as an afterthought when it comes to your pool,  take a look at all the lighting ideas we have for your space. 

1. Begin With The Pool Deck Or Patio 

The pool is an important space and an essential feature of your home, but the seating space around it is what truly makes your pool appealing. So, we definitely recommend starting with your poolside deck or the patio. The priority here should be striking a delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality. As soon as it starts getting dark, you’ll need enough illumination to light up this space. We suggest keeping it quite simple with an overhead lighting design if you have a structure to support it. Go ahead with a ceiling light or a pendant light, depending on the space you have. You can also use lighting designs like wall lights, table lamps or more to complement the ambience of the space.

  1. Highlight The Landscape Around The Pool 

You can use lighting to highlight the landscape around your pool. One of the best ways to plan the lighting layout is by using your pool as a mirror. All the lighting fixtures you use around your pool can beautifully highlight the green space or the robust elements like the rocks and more to lend accent to the area. 

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