Covert PDF Pages to Excel Spreadsheets With WPS PDF Tools

Unfortunately, many users must contend with documents in PDF format. These could include brochures, scanned documents, job applications, flyers, product manuals and much more.

Thankfully, WPS PDF tools, PDF to Excel converter make the conversion of these files into Excel spreadsheets a simple and free process.

PDF pages

If you have a lot of PDF pages on your computer, WPS PDF tools can easily convert them to Excel spreadsheets. These programs are user-friendly and come equipped with numerous features.

They offer the ability to convert PDFs to Word or JPG, edit PDFs, compress them, merge & split PDFs and more. Furthermore, you can protect your documents with passwords for extra protection.

WPS PDF All-in-one Tool is a free online utility that enables you to perform various PDF tasks within seconds. As an effective and comprehensive converter, WPS PDF all-in-one can save both time and money for you.

This program boasts an array of features and can be run on any device. It includes a spell checker, thesaurus and an integrated PDF converter – making it ideal for editing documents. Furthermore, its OCR feature enables scanning PDFs into editable files with its OCR feature. With apps available for Macs, Windows and Android devices as well as batch conversion support, this program has something to suit everyone’s needs.


Spreadsheets are an invaluable tool for handling complex calculations and mathematical issues. They enable users to link formulas together, as well as recalculate totals when the underlying data changes.

If you need to convert your Excel spreadsheet to PDF format, there are a few different approaches you can take. While some require more effort than others, all will preserve the integrity of the original file.

WPS PDF tools make the conversion of spreadsheets to PDF pages a breeze. With its range of functions, such as converting PDFs into Excel, editing text and images in PDFs, merging or splitting PDFs – there’s something for everyone with WPS PDF tools!

Furthermore, it offers a host of other features to facilitate work. These include editing tools, an integrated PDF converter and spell checker. Furthermore, you can create forms, add notes and annotations, as well as password protect your documents for extra security.


PDF files are an ideal format for storing documents with text, images, hyperlinks, embedded fonts and interactive buttons. They’re commonly used to publish brochures, scanned documents, job applications, eBooks, product manuals and more.

On occasion, you may need to convert text from a PDF file into Excel spreadsheets. Thankfully, WPS PDF tools make this task incredibly simple.

WPS PDF is an online tool available at no cost that provides users with all basic and advanced PDF editing features. With WPS PDF, users can compress, merge, split, edit, and sign PDF files quickly – increasing productivity while increasing efficiency.

WPS PDF offers users a simple yet powerful PDF conversion service, enabling them to save their documents as PDFs in various formats like Word, image, Excel or PowerPoint. Its intuitive user interface enables users to crop pages, customize header and footer settings as well as add text and images with ease.


Image is an integral part of documentation today, especially in the digital age. High-quality photographs can be used to adorn homes, offices and shelves while serving as great ways to record events.

To convert images in PDFs to Excel spreadsheets, you can utilize WPS PDF tools. These applications enable you to convert a PDF to an Excel document, edit text, extract images and more with ease.

If you want the best results, I recommend using an online conversion tool that lets you upload files up to 50 MB and have them converted instantly. No email address is necessary; in fact, you can even choose from your Google Drive or Dropbox folder!

However, this approach has some drawbacks. The primary disadvantage is that the original formatting of the PDF is lost and further manipulation with converted data is required. While this technique works well for simple files, it can prove challenging when dealing with complex tables.