Convenient Ways to Order Food for Train Travelers

The experience of riding a train is like stepping into a magical capsule, where you may unwind to the music of the locomotive and marvel at the scenery as it passes you by. Despite the excitement of travel, many people’s minds wander to more mundane concerns, including what to eat. 

Whether a train route passes through gorgeous rural regions or lively metropolitan centres, there will always be food stops. Thanks to innovations in both technology and hospitality services, now with just a few swipes of your fingers you can order food in train and have it delivered to your seat. What a convenient and deliciously simply way to manage your train travel!

The train pantry no longer has to deal with stale snacks and low-quality meals. Various alternatives are available to the modern passenger, from gourmet meals sent to their seat to local delicacies offered by merchants at the station. So, let’s look at this complete guide after learning about how train passengers can order food in train.

Approaches for Train Food Ordering

The railroad business is not immune to the rapid technical changes that the digital age has ushered. Let’s have a look at these modern techniques that have completely changed the way people order food in train:

  • Online meal delivery services

With the proliferation of smartphones, internet meal delivery services have completely changed how people eat while travelling. Consumers have access to many food alternatives on these sites with the click of a mouse, all because of digital technology. 

Whether travellers are in the mood for hearty comfort food or upscale gourmet fare, they can browse the menu, make their selections, and pay using dedicated smartphone apps or websites.

Leading the charge in the digital revolution, platforms like RailRestro, Travelkhana, and IRCTC eCatering make ordering meals aboard trains a breeze. Thanks to their vast networks of vendor and restaurant partners that cover multiple rail lines, these platforms provide a wide variety of cuisines. 

The onboard restaurants provide a wide variety of cuisines, from North Indian curries and dosas to stir-fries from China and pastas from Italy, and much more besides.

Online platforms that put an emphasis on ease and accessibility include services including safe payment alternatives, customer assistance, and real-time purchase tracking. Travelers who grow peckish won’t even have to get out of their seats because of the fast and efficient service.

  • Advance meal booking 

For individuals who like a more structured dining experience while aboard, it is feasible to prearrange meal services. Many train ticket vendors now offer customers the option to pre-select their meals. The flexibility to order according to their own schedule means they may enjoy their meals whenever hunger strikes.

When you order food in train in advance, passengers on long-haul trains or attending special events can relax. This method for meals is especially useful during busy travel times since it reduces the likelihood of mistakes and hassle.

Healthy thalis and continental spreads are just two examples of the many options available from the large menus offered by meal delivery services that allow customers to pre-order meals. People really like the service that brings meals to their seats. You won’t have to second-guess yourself on where to dine, so you can focus entirely on the journey.

  • In-train catering 

With in-train catering services, you may upgrade your train eating experience compared to traditional eateries. In order to give its clients the chance to enjoy delicious meals that are tastefully prepared, train companies team up with well-known caterers.

Envision a scenario where carriages are escorted by the most immaculate wait staff, who serve exquisitely arranged cuisine. A delectable culinary journey doesn’t have to finish on the train thanks to the variety of choices, including set menus and multi-course dinners.

Even the most discerning diners will be satisfied by the in-train catering service’s delectable cuisine, created using seasonal, locally sourced products. No matter the event or your hunger, guests can enjoy the best in onboard cuisine with every mouthful.

Tips to Order Food in Train

If you plan and follow these instructions, ordering meals on trains may be a snap. Here are a few things to keep in mind while eating on trains, whether you’re a seasoned traveller or this is your first rail adventure:

  • Discover earlier what are some of the amenities you can find on the train before going for the trip. Start getting ready early. Being aware of the fact that you have options on hand will be instrumental as you will be able to make informed decisions and avoid ending up in the leash of making rushed or spur-of-the-moment decisions, for instance, whether you can use traditional approaches, online platforms or prebook the meals.
  • When you skim the train program, see how long each stop will be and if they will be in some central or civic places. With the knowledge gained through monitoring your food intake, make conscious choices about when and where you will have your next meal.
  • Nowadays, you do not have to leave your seat; food services come to you. But it is still wise to eat snacks and candy bars while not eating the main meals. On top of that, give your water intake as much importance as possible, and pack some almonds, fruit, and granola bars just to be sure you are eating healthy and staying hydrated.
  • Just to ensure you do not encounter any problem with your food order, verify the distance the delivery will be and the train´s PNR status two times. Besides supplying you with directions to reach a particular seat and coach, you must mention the expected arrival time as accurately as possible to make the most of the journey and avoid unnecessary struggles. In the course of the communication, let them know of the foods you may be allergic to or may not wish to have in your meal plan, as well. This will enable them to customise a meal just for you.


The food options available to rail passengers have greatly improved during the last several years. You can make the most of your train trip by following the advice in this guide and putting hygiene and safety first. Stop at eateries providing delicious food while you’re on the go, but make sure to verify your train PNR status before travelling.