Consult the Commercial Report of a corporation from the search engine

During the execution of your commercial activity, it may be the situation that you need to gather information about firms. Either firms that may interest you for commercial reasons or have obligations committed with your company. Even maybe, that you want to purchase or with which, you want to combine. The best way to get this information is through a corporate search engine.

It is highly usual that, today and with all the quantity of information created every day, you go online in quest of the facts you need. Nowadays, everything is on the Internet. But you have to know where to look and how to look. Know whether the sources you resort to are credible or if they will supply you with all the information you need.

Just like when you want to seek food recipes, you go to a recipe book or a YouTube channel on recipes. Or as when you want to check for basic information on anything you go to Wikipedia, you will also have to go to a corporate search engine to find out all the information linked to a firm or a self-employed individual.

Consult all the business facts you need from a company-

The Firm Commercial Reports enable you to study all the facts about any company and assess the commercial and mercantile risk of a company in the best manner. In easy language, you can look up business information (tra cuu thong tin doanh nghiep) through another website.

The Commercial Report is the sum of the Firm Profile (all the information you need to know who is behind a company) and the Risk Evaluation (the solvency assessment of a company and all the essential information surrounding legal or criminal situations) (the solvency assessment of a company and all the relevant information regarding legal or criminal incidents).

What do the Commercial Reports include?

  • Financial information

Consult all the commercial and financial information filed by the firm, such as the profit and loss account, balance sheet and its analysis, equity changes or cash flow, changes in the financial statements.

  • Judicial Information

Know all the claims judicial and administrative decisions published in the official gazettes.

  • Company Profile

It covers all the financial and legal information of the firm in addition to its corporate structure (shareholders, participations, directors, and administrators) (shareholders, participations, directors, and administrators).

  • Credit risk information

It establishes business solvency by providing each firm with an objective business risk assessment. In addition, it also creates an opinion on the credit limit the firm should have.

  • Delinquency Information

Analysis of defaults that a firm may have and recorded in the significant delinquent files in Spain: RAI, Experian ASNEF, etc.

  • Commercial information

It supposes a vision of the firm from the commercial point of view. It reflects their activities, commercial operations, customers and suppliers, and the industry in which they operate.

How does a business search engine work?

Once in the search engine, you have to search for a firm or freelancer’s brand, name, CIF, or NIF. You will instantly be able to get a report with all the data that pertains to that firm or freelancer, like InfoDoanhNghiep.Com. Reports with identification data -such as name, CIF, telephone, or address-, with an entire business summary of the company based on the BORME, with charts of the evolution of sales and employees, the board of directors and managers, the directors, executives and shareholders, with what their stocks and links are in other companies, the articles published in the press about the business in question and all the extra official and registry information.

Within the tremendous quantity of resources supplied by the Internet, where a business’s information is best collated and arranged is in a corporate search engine. In addition, they are straightforward to use, as these databases offer filters that make the search experience much more manageable.

What makes a business search engine reputable about the rest of the information obtained on the web are the sources from which they collect the data.