​​Common Game Machine Questions Answered

Slot machines are the most popular form of entertainment in both land-based and online casinos. Rajbet has truly unique online slot machines, with huge collections from world-famous providers that are simply bursting at the seams with new products.

Even though slots have been around for a while and most gamblers have pressed the spin button at least once, questions may still arise, and this article was written to solve them. Because there are people with extremely vivid imaginations, it is impossible to predict all of the questions, but this text will attempt to answer the most popular ones.

Is gambling on slot machines completely random?

RNG is literally an algorithm that works to generate random numbers; absolutely all types of slots rely on this mechanism, from the classic 777 to the most recent slots with augmented reality. Each sector is assigned a number; if the generator outputs this number, the corresponding sector fails, so the answer is Yes.

Before appearing online, each online slot is checked. In order to give players a fair chance of winning, they are given certificates stating that the game’s outcome will be completely random.

Can and do casinos change their payout structure?

It is simple to modify the settings via system or algorithm — simply change the weight of the drums or swap the processor. However, keep in mind that all such changes must be recorded, including the requirement to submit an analysis to regulatory authorities, which is not always easy.

How do I find out the payout percentage?

The percentage is written on some machines, and it can be found in the “Help” section on others, but it is sometimes missing. This percentage is no longer particularly significant because all casinos are already attempting to increase it as much as possible in order to attract more players.

Is it possible to apply a strategy to win the jackpot?

Because there are no strategies or methods to influence the random number generator in slots, you cannot influence the jackpot win.

Is owning a slot machine legal?

In India – no; in the EU countries, yes, but a lot depends on the country and the type of slot machine.

Is gambling with slot machines stupid?

It all depends on the goal. If your intent is to maximize money, then playing slots is a bad idea. If you just want to have fun while fully understanding that the outcome of the game is completely random, there is nothing stupid about it.

Is it possible to play slot machines for real money on an iPhone?

Yes, there are many online casinos where you can play mobile slots, such as LeoVegas, Rajbet online casino, and RoyalPanda. You can also play for money using a cryptocurrency wallet.

How do you play slots?

All slots are unique, but the game is typically played as follows:

  1. Toss coins or bills into the slot machine.
  2. Choose the number of credits and lines you want.
  3. Pull the handle or press the spin button.
  4. Lady Luck will make her decision!

Everything is the same in online slots, except that all actions are performed with the mouse or by touching the screen. Mini-games may be available in some slots. Depending on the machine, you may be required to select an item, drive a car, or press the “Spin” button once more.

Can the random number generator be manipulated?

It is not appropriate. And, if it were possible, all of this would be considered a crime.

What is volatility?

Volatility in slots is defined as the ratio of the frequency of a win to its size. As a result, with low volatility, winnings occur more frequently but are smaller in size, whereas with high volatility, winnings occur less frequently but are larger in size.

Why don’t professional gamblers play slots?

Professional players do not play for fun; they play for a living (otherwise they would not be professionals). Because everything in slots is based solely on chance and luck, such games cannot guarantee even a minimum income.


Playing or not playing slots is entirely up to you, of course, it’s fun and even getting together with friends to play is a great idea. If you don’t want to go out, then you can also play from your own sofa, the main thing is to remember that the game is a game and nothing more than fun.