Colorful Wigs & Curly Wigs: Enrich Your Hairstyle Options with These Wigs

You are not bound to the color and texture of your natural hair. Colorful wigs and curly wigs allow you to try the curly texture and different colors and enrich your hairstyle options. I will inform you about these wigs in this article.

Table of Content

  1. What is a Colorful Wig
  2. What are the Colorful Wig Types
  3. What Different Colors Can You Have with Colorful Wigs
  4. Where Can You Buy Colorful Wigs
  5. What is a Curly Wig
  6. Some Different Curly Wig Types
  7. How to Care for Curly Wigs
  8. Where Can You Buy Curly Wigs
  9. What is a Colorful Wig?

Wigs are usually designed and made in ordinary colors that are commonly preferred by people. On the other hand, you may aspire for an extreme hair color that will really stand out and create a real difference in your hair beauty. Colorful wigs are designed for this purpose. For example, if you are crazy about reddish locks, you may choose a ginger wig. Or if mixed color highlights are your favorite, you can choose a colorful wig having this. A colorful wig with a grey highlight would display a more mature look on you. When you wear a wig with a sugar plum color, you would make a real difference and be easily noticed by people. Colorful wig spice up your hair color and beauty and let you experience the extremity in wig colors.

1. What are the Colorful Wig Types?

You can have a colorful wig option with any wig type. Having said this, certain hair colors go well with certain wig types. Let us see some wig types suited to different colors.

Bob Colorful Wigs

Bob wigs are the best wig type that you can try different colors. Mix color highlight, flaming orange color, highlights bronze, pink ombre color, light pink ombre color or salt & pepper color are some different colors that you can try with bob wigs.

Curly Colorful Wigs

Curls with different hues would be an extreme choice for you. Burgundy color fluffy rose, mix color brown, reddish brown, brown ombre are some colors offered by these wigs.

Closure Colorful Wigs

As a natural and affordable option, you can choose closure wigs with different colors. Blonde 613 color, mix chestnut brown, bronze brown pure color or ombre brown are some color options that you can have with closure wigs.

Frontal Lace Colorful Wigs

Frontal lace wigs would be a natural- looking and chic option that you can mix with different colors. Blonde highlights, ombre or ginger spice would be some color options with these wigs.

T Part Lace Colorful Wigs

If you want to blend some of your natural hair with a colorful wig, T part lace wigs would be an ideal alternative for you. You can have colors like highlight s mix color brown or light pink ombre color with these wigs.

2. What Different Colors Can You Have with Colorful Wigs?

  • Ombre brown
  • Mix color brown
  • Mix color high light
  • Ginger spice
  • Chestnut spice
  • Flaming orange
  • Sleek highlights
  • Ginger orange
  • Reddish orange
  • Balayage mix
  • Sugar plum
  • Black mix grey and many more other colors

3. Where Can You Buy Colorful Wigs?

Here, I want to talk about a wig supplier where you can buy high- quality colorful wigs at affordable prices. Luvme Hair is the hair brand where you can buy your colorful wig online in a carefree and untroubled way. You can have a great online shopping experience at Luvme hair with its superb customer services.

4. What is a Curly Wig?

Having cute curls may be a desire of any woman and this desire comes true with curly wigs. Curly wigs are eye-catching and timeless. They are suitable for any event or environment. With your curly wig, you are easily noticed wherever you go and receive many praises for your hair beauty, In short, curly wigs are the wig type that fulfill your desire for curly hair type offering you different curly textures such as Afro curls, loose curls, kinky hair or zig-zag curls.

5. Some Different Curly Wig Types

Curly Wigs with Bangs

A curly wig with bangs falling over your scalp is one of the rarest hair beauty that you can have.

Bob Curly Wigs

Curly wigs with a bob style is another option that ensures you a chick look.

Afro Curls

This is the most popular curly wig type. You can also try it.

6. How to Care for Curly Wigs

Curly wigs need special care. Here are some tips for you about it:

  • You should wash your curly wig in a more gentle way than other wig types.
  • It is better not to use a brush when you comb your curly wig. You can use your hands instead.
  • As with other wig types, you had better leave your curly wig to dry naturally after the washing.

7.  Where Can You Buy Curly Wigs?

To buy your curly wig, my top suggestion will be Luvme Hair again. The online store of Luvme Hair is the paradise of curly wigs. You will definitely find your favorite curly wig among different colors and types.