Coinmama Review | Comprehensive Analysis Of The Popular Cryptocurrency Exchange

Coinmama is a well-established platform that facilitates the buying and selling of various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more. With support for multiple fiat currencies, users can easily deposit and withdraw funds using credit/debit cards, bank accounts, or electronic payment services.

The Coinmama review states that it offers a convenient solution for managing digital assets by providing a free multi-currency wallet. Utilizing the TradingView trading terminal and a user-friendly mobile application, the exchange ensures fast and seamless trading experiences.

Coinmama pros and cons

Traders Union presents an impartial perspective on Coinmama, analyzing its pros and cons and providing valuable insights for aspiring traders.


  • Wide range of popular cryptocurrencies and coins available for trading.
  • Transactions supported with five fiat currencies, including USD and EUR.
  • Optimized TradingView terminal for a convenient trading experience.
  • High-speed transaction processing on the exchange.
  • The quick and straightforward registration process with accelerated data verification.
  • Officially registered and licensed exchange operation.
  • Loyalty program offering reduced trading commissions.
  • Referral program with generous 30% referral commission payments.
  • Mobile trading apps available for both iOS and Android platforms.


  • No investment solutions offered.
  • Absence of demo accounts for practicing trading strategies.
  • No call center support is available.

Short Coinmama review

According to TU experts:

  • Coinmama, one of the oldest European crypto exchanges, maintains transparency in its operations and offers favorable terms for novice and experienced traders.
  • The exchange provides a user-friendly trading terminal in the browser and a mobile application with convenient functionality.
  • Traders can access various popular cryptocurrencies, tokens, and five fiat currencies.
  • Coinmama enables fast deposit and withdrawal of funds through various channels, including bank accounts and cards.
  • While unsuitable for investors seeking passive income options, Coinmama offers a referral program.
  • It’s important to note that the exchange may not have the lowest trading commissions initially, but users can benefit from reduced fees through a loyalty program with three levels.

In-depth analysis of Coinmama

According to TU analysts, the key points about Coinmama are as follows:

  • Coinmama, established in 2013, is one of the oldest European cryptocurrency exchanges headquartered in Ireland.
  • The company is registered in the United Kingdom and complies with that country’s financial laws.
  • Coinmama has a clean track record with no evidence of fraud, legal violations, unresolved client conflicts, or court cases.
  • The exchange utilizes the standard TradingView platform as its browser terminal, with API features available for advanced users.
  • A mobile application is provided, offering a customized browser terminal experience for all devices.
  • Advantages of Coinmama include a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, high trading volumes, and availability of crypto-fiat pairs.
  • Deposits and withdrawals of fiat currencies can be made through various means.
  • The exchange is known for its high-speed transactions, quick verification, and instant transaction processing.
  • No bugs, errors, or technical issues were discovered during testing.
  • Shortcomings include the need for more investment programs and demo accounts for beginners.

Broker comparison for Coinmama

Traders Union provides a concise comparison of investment options across multiple platforms:

  • Bybit: A popular cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform specializing in futures and perpetual contracts.
  • OKEx: Renowned digital asset exchange offering a wide range of trading products, including spot, futures, and options trading.
  • Binance: Leading global cryptocurrency exchange providing spot, futures, and token trading services.
  • Huobi Global: Central digital asset trading platform offering various services such as crypto trading, futures, options, and Forex trading.
  • KuCoin: Comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange providing services like crypto trading, futures contracts, and Forex trading.

Additionally, BitFlyer, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange based in Japan, offers a secure platform for trading digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. With a strong focus on regulatory compliance and a user-friendly interface, BitFlyer provides a reliable option for traders looking to enter the cryptocurrency market.


In conclusion, Coinmama is a reputable and transparent European cryptocurrency exchange offering a wide range of cryptocurrencies and fiat trading pairs. While lacking in investment solutions and demo accounts, it provides a user-friendly experience, fast transactions, and attractive loyalty and referral programs for traders.