Choosing Traders To Copy With eToro | Pros And Cons

In the vast arena of the financial markets, the rise of copy trading has democratized the world of investing, providing a platform for beginners to mirror the strategies of the experts. In the midst of these developments, eToro has emerged as a leading player, with its commendable functionality and enticing trading conditions attracting both novices and veterans alike.

As this topic becomes increasingly relevant in contemporary investing scenarios, understanding the pros and cons of the best copy traders, eToro is an indispensable tool for an informed investor. Traders Union published an eToro copy trading review, providing insightful guidance on this revolutionizing investment method. This in-depth look into eToro’s copy trading will undoubtedly enable you to navigate your investing journey with increased confidence and proficiency.

What does copy trading mean?

According to TU experts, copy trading is an innovative approach to investment in financial markets, providing an opportunity for less experienced users to benefit from the expertise of seasoned traders. In essence:

  • Copy trading enables users to subscribe to the trading signals of professional traders, effectively mirroring their strategies and trades on their accounts.
  • eToro is highly regarded for its extensive and advanced social trading network, characterized by a low entry threshold, beneficial trading conditions, and exceptional functionality.

eToro copy trading pros and cons

TU experts also detail the advantages and disadvantages of eToro’s copy trading system.


  • Leveling the Playing Field: eToro provides a unique chance for novice traders to earn at par with the platform’s top traders. This feature of eToro’s copy trading is game-changing, as it breaks down the barriers of knowledge and experience. It allows those new to trading to leverage the skills and insights of experienced traders, thus potentially accelerating their success in the financial markets.
  • Low Minimum Investment: The copy trading feature of eToro is remarkably accessible, with a minimum investment of just $200. This low entry barrier allows individuals from various economic backgrounds to participate in trading and investment activities, promoting financial inclusivity.
  • No Additional Commissions: eToro’s copy trading system also comes with the benefit of zero additional commissions. This means that the financial gains from successful trades go directly to the copier without any deductions, thus maximizing potential profits.
  • Largest Copy Trading Network: eToro proudly hosts the world’s largest copy trading network. This vast network provides diverse trading strategies to copy, increasing the chances of finding a strategy that aligns with an individual’s investment goals and risk tolerance.
  • Regulation Compliance: eToro operates under regulatory compliance in the UK, EU, and Australia. This ensures that the platform adheres to the highest standards of operation and promotes a secure and fair trading environment for all its users.


  • Past Performance and Future Returns: One potential downside of eToro’s copy trading is the fact that the past success of traders does not guarantee future profits. The financial markets are dynamic and unpredictable; even the most successful strategies can face losses. Therefore, it’s essential for investors to understand that while they can benefit from the expertise of top traders, there’s also a risk of loss involved. This is why diversification and risk management are crucial in copy trading.

Can I make money by copying traders on eToro?

As TU experts outline, many investors see eToro’s copy trading as a potential source of supplementary income. However, it’s important to bear in mind that while the average profitability of the top 50 traders was 29% in 2019, past performance does not guarantee future success. Consequently, investing only the amount you’re prepared to risk would be prudent.

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eToro’s copy trading system offers an attractive gateway into the financial markets, particularly for those new to the investing world. However, like any investment method, it is not without its risks. Understanding the system’s pros and cons, costs, and safety measures, as outlined by the Traders Union, is a crucial step in making informed decisions. For further insights and information, do visit the Traders Union’s official website and empower your trading journey.