Choosing The Right Welding Wire Size For The Weld You Are Welding


Welding is a trade that die-hard welders spend years learning, and are always wondering how to weld better. The strength and durability of a weld rely primarily on the weld metal’s wire size. Typically wire will range in size from .025”, small enough for the most difficult welds, to .035” 1/16” and .3/32”. 

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If you are welding like a rock star welder you will likely be burning through pounds and pounds of wire. For high deposition rates with minimal clean up choose the largest wire size that you can. If you want minimal spatter with minimal clean up and you have an extremely steady welder who can weld the material without burning holes in the thin base, metal goes with the smallest welding wire. Generally the type of weld or what is being welded will determine what size of welding wire to use. A welding MIG wire, TIG rod, or electrode is a half of the game, and as the welder chooses the welding rod, the other half equal to the welding operators’ skills, choosing the appropriate welding wire size for the job is equally important.

What is Welding Wire?

Welding wire is another way to say filler wire. When I am being welded, things start to melt. During this time, the welder will feed welding wire into the save zone. These are some different welding wires, stainless, mild steel, aluminum, etc. Without welding wire there would be no welded together. Usually when you get certified in welding you have a pretty good idea on what you will be welding on. In turn you will know what diameter, woven or non-woven wire will be the best at fixing that problem. But for a first starting welder it could be very difficult and confusing on what wire to pick per say on what metal you will be welding on.  Keep in mind, getting a good handle on which type of wire should be used for what specific type of welding. 

How to Choose Correct Wire Sizes for Welding

When welding, choosing the correct wire size for the weld is very important. Bigger weld for bigger cuts is the rule when welding thicker metals. When welding thinner material keep those beads smaller- they’ll look better too. The technique that will be used when welding also influences what welding wire should and should not be used in the process. Welding different types of metal also changes which welding wire should be used. Typically welding wire is used when trying to weld two or more different types of metal together. Another advantage of welding wire is that it can come with different types of gel or coatings that are mixed in the metal wire. These mixtures sometimes mix with the metal in such a strong bond that not many things can be done. So in the long run welding wire typically creates joints that are made to last.

Factors to Determine Which Wire Size to Use

Factors shift in choosing wire size to be used for your project.-

Base metal types and Base metal thickness: So first off the first thing you have to decide which base metal types you have to weld. Base metal is defined as a metal that the welding wire melts or fuses to in order to form a strong weld. 

Welding technique and Welding process: Next thing you decide the type of welding technique or the type of welding rod or welding wire to use MIG welding for GMAW. Will you use TIG welding for GTAW? Are we going to use stick welding also referred to as shielded metal arc welding for SMAW. Choose the suitable technique and apply your skill on the welding process for your projects.


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