Choosing the Best Greenhouse in Kenya

The article below outlines the different factors that affect greenhouse prices.

A greenhouse is an enclosed structure whose primary purpose is to provide and regulate a stable and protected environment for optimal plant growth. The environmental conditions regulated are temperature, humidity, and light exposure. A greenhouse is mainly made of transparent materials such as glass or plastic. Greenhouses can be constructed in the highlands or the lowlands, but one has to choose the suitable type of greenhouse for that location.

Greenhouses in Kenya

Several factors affect the greenhouse price in Kenya. The factors include:

The unit size of the greenhouse

When constructing a greenhouse, its price will depend on its size. It means that the larger the greenhouse, the higher the price. The prices will increase because one will require more materials and also more labor to be able to operate the greenhouse. The size of land available and water availability will determine the greenhouse size.


There are different designs of a greenhouse depending on the climatic conditions. A vented greenhouse is costly to construct because of the larger surface area of the roof. This type of greenhouse is constructed in warmer regions or low areas. On the other hand, tunnel greenhouses are less costly when they are constructed in cooler areas or the highlands.

Materials used

Different types of materials are used in the construction of a greenhouse. The materials depend on whether you need a wooden or a metallic greenhouse. In such cases, you will find that the materials required for the metallic one are pretty expensive.

Crop type

The main aim of a greenhouse is to provide moderate conditions for a particular crop, whereby some crops are more delicate and hence need more care which means more equipment. Therefore this greatly affects the greenhouse price in Kenya.


Construction costs for a greenhouse in rural areas cannot be compared to that in urban areas. In rural areas, prices are low because labor costs are also low compared to higher labor costs in urban areas.

Equipment used

When constructing a greenhouse, one needs to purchase some equipment, which includes shade nets, soil testing kits, CO2 generators, and lighting systems. These equipment have different qualities hence affecting greenhouse prices in Kenya. Some other crops will require special handling equipment, which is also costly to purchase and install.


Some features are needed to operate a greenhouse effectively. The features include drainage facilities, controlled shading systems, irrigation systems, pest management techniques, environmental controls, and heating and cooling systems. All this equipment is needed for smooth operation, which can be expensive depending on the quality and quantity of the necessary equipment. These costs will lead to an increase in greenhouse construction prices.

Frame treatment

Some costs are incurred to ensure that frames are treated. This treatment ensures that crops are kept away from diseases. Treating the frames leads to an increase in greenhouse prices in Kenya.


In conclusion, there are pretty several factors that significantly affect greenhouse prices in Kenya. One should consider each element to determine the cost of constructing a greenhouse.