Choosing Excellence: What to Look for in A 65-inch TV

If you want an immersive viewing experience on your television, you should definitely pick a 65-inch television. The challenge with these TVs is the consideration of the costs to get these electronics. The 65 inch led tv price in india can range from ₹32,000 to ₹150,000 depending on the features that the TV has. If you have the money, you should go ahead and buy the most expensive one. But if you are still making a compromise between cost and feature, you must read this first to have an idea of what to look for in a 65-inch television.

Feature to Look for in a 65-inch Television


The reason why you are getting a new television for your home is because you want to watch a movie or television show on a big screen. This means that you are going to spend money to be able to have a good display in front of you. The 65 inch led tv price in india can be very affordable if you know where to look. Since your eyes will be interacting with a big screen, you must have, at least, a QLED display. QLED means Quantum dot LED TV. It is very different from conventional screens because these kinds of televisions use nanocrystals made of semiconductor materials to produce the colors displayed on the screen. The wide range of colors shown on the 65-inch screen makes it a very wise choice for a television of this size.You can now also find other technology of the same caliber as the QLED. Manufacturers will continue to innovate to improve the quality of the screen of televisions. 

Refresh Rate

The movement on the screen of characters from movies, videos, and games becomes very visible on a big screen. You will notice in conventional televisions that there is a sort of blurred or shadow effect on some videos. This is mainly due to the refresh rate of the TV. The refresh rate is the number of times per second that the image is refreshed. As the refresh rate goes higher, the viewing experience also becomes more into the original intent of the creator. You do not want blurred movements and delays in the action scenes of your videos and games. This can be stressful to the eyes which may cause eventual strains for some people.To avoid this from occurring, you want your 65-inch television to have a high refresh rate. A 120Hz screen is sufficient to have a good display of the movement of the characters. Some televisions even have game accelerators that make the gaming experience more immersive. 


You should aim for Dolby Atmos. The company has one of the most consistent sound delivery for any device. The technology of Dolby has continued to improve through the years and it has been the standard for sound quality for televisions. 


Your 65-inch television should be bezel-less. It must give you a sense that you are watching the whole screen without any obstruction from the bezels of the television. You want to take advantage of the whole 65 inches. You can find televisions of this size that have bezel-less screens. 


With all of these features in mind, you can now look for the best 65-inch television for your home. Even if you are on a budget, you can still get one. The 65 inch led tv price in india begins at around ₹32,000. You really want a good display, a friendly interface, the ability to connect to other devices, and functionality to give you the best viewing experience. You can start browsing online and order your 65-inch television today.