Catapult Your Office Efficiency Now With This Affordable OCR PDF Software

Workplaces around the world strive to be the most efficient they can be. That’s because time is money, and employees are paid for their time. Every minute spent must be a productive minute, else the business loses money. You either make money or lose it, right? So, how do you boost office efficiency so that your business works the best it can? Here is one way to quickly take your office efficiency and productivity to the next level.

Part I: Wondershare PDFelement For Mac

The tool we will talk about to help you with your office efficiency is Wondershare pdfelement for mac (also for Windows, Android and iOS). You see, PDFs are such a huge part of office work, and so is scanning documents. Today, with Wondershare PDFelement and OCR PDF technology, you will discover a new way to boost office productivity. You will read about what is ocr pdf technology below, and how it is profoundly game-changing for your office workflow.

Part II: What Is OCR Technology?

OCR is Optical Character Recognition. It is the technology that makes magic possible in your office. How? OCR makes text and elements such as layouts in your documents recognizable. So, when you scan a document, you do not get an image, you get a PDF that you can make changes to. 

So, you scan a document, and the boss can sign the document digitally, no need to print it and get their signature with a pen. Discovered a few typos in the document? Simply edit the typos in the PDF itself and pass it back. No need to redo the document in your text editor and export back as PDF. 

How to make use of this technology? You need an OCR PDF software such as Wondershare PDFelement. PDFelement.

Part III: How Wondershare PDFelement Helps You Work More Efficiently Than Ever

You might be set in your workflows right now and think you would be faster and better off with the way you have been working so far, but Wondershare PDFelement with OCR technology changes things, and changes them in a way that you would never expect or believe until you get a taste yourself. 

Here is a primer on how using Wondershare PDFelement makes your office work much more efficient than it ever was:

Search Text Instantly

Are you in the habit of reading/ skimming through scanned documents when you want to search for a piece of text? That is the only thing one can do with scanned documents that are stored as images. Not with Wondershare PDFelement you don’t! With OCR PDFs you can scan text in the PDFs natively, saving a large amount of your time you didn’t realize was getting spent simply in glancing over documents every day.

Edit PDFs On The Fly

So, you need to make some changes to the document. Maybe there are some mistakes, maybe there are some addendums you need to incorporate. What do you do? Do you make changes to the text in your favorite text editor and then export the document again as PDF? Well, that is all you could do, until Wondershare PDFelement! Use Wondershare PDFelement to open the PDF and make changes to exactly what needs to be changed and save the PDF. That’s it! No more going back and forth, wasting precious time!

Work Anywhere With Cloud File Interoperability

Wondershare PDFelement will travel with you, wherever you are, wherever you go. Native apps on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS ensure that your documents are synced to the cloud and are available on all devices so you can work from wherever you want. The boss can sign documents from halfway around the world. The employees can make some last-minute changes to documents while they are out of office in an emergency. 

Sign Documents Digitally

Wondershare PDFelement makes signing documents a breeze. No longer do you need to print documents and whip out your favorite pen to sign. No longer do you have to wait for the boss to get in to sign the documents. Simply open the document in PDFelement and sign the document digitally.

Batch Printing

Batch processing is the heart of office productivity. Employees are printing documents all the time, and what they do is they give the print command and continue working. Well, you can do that with PDFelement as well. PDFelement does not disrupt your workflow, it only augments it. 

Part IV: Wondershare PDFelement For iOS: Edit PDFs On Your iPhone/ iPad

Wondershare PDFelement for iOS gives you the ability to access your PDFs anywhere you are, on your iPad and iPhone. So, you can work while sitting in an aircraft or while having a coffee in some street in Italy. Less fancifully, the PDFelement mobile app for iOS gives field workers the ability to be a part of the office in a more integrated way than before. Not only can they now get people to sign documents digitally wherever they are, but they can also make changes to contracts and other documents from wherever they are, making it feel like they are right there in the office. In a different perspective, you can bring your office to your clients much better, rather than going back and forth between clients and office because of paperwork. Move paperwork online with Wondershare PDFelement and watch the benefits roll in.

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Sometimes, the solution to our problems is right in front of us in the simplest of forms. We often overcomplicate things before we can simplify them. Take office productivity for example where we strive to minimize wastage of time doing grunt work but don’t know how to go about it. Fortunately, when it comes to minimizing wastage of time with everyday paperwork, Wondershare PDFelement can help you improve workflow efficiency simply by saving time where working on and with documents is concerned.