Have you guys ever wondered when engineering emerged into existence? Have you tried figuring out what would have been the first engineering invention or discovery?

If not, let me tell you…

The day when the early human race invented fire by rubbing stones, engineering has begun its journey towards turning into a magnanimous civilized occupation in the upcoming future. As expected, today engineering is one of the widely expanded bright sectors that platters plenty of job opportunities for the youth.

Many renowned engineering institutions have been raised with the motive of providing spectacular engineering education in various disciplines. Colleges like TOMS College of Engineering, one of the engineering colleges in India offer a wide range of engineering courses intending to develop skilled engineering professionals for global platforms.

If you find engineering a fascinating sphere and if you aspire to establish your career in any facet of engineering, here we help you with a detailed view of the endless career possibilities in engineering.


●      A glimpse of what engineering is

●      Engineering courses at various levels

●      Specializations in different engineering courses

●      Career options after engineering

❖   Government jobs for engineers

➢   Top government recruiting companies

❖   Private-job for engineers

➢   Top private sector recruiting companies

●      Conclusion

●      FAQs


A glimpse of what engineering is:

Tracing from ancient days, engineering is all about serving solutions for problems in the environment. Technically speaking, engineering is the incorporation of mathematics and science concepts in creating futuristic solutions for a cozy comfortable lifestyle.

The engineering arena has an enormous number of paradigm facets such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering and so on that run the major industrial world today. Every component of the engineering field is a grand contributor to technological advancements and developments worldwide.

As engineering has advanced into a remarkable educational choice and impeccable career choice, an enormous number of colleges like TOMS College of Engineering, one of the best engineering colleges in Kerala, have stepped forward to offer engineering courses.

Engineering education is so popular in India. Do you even know that according to the National Science Foundation Report, there are 7.5 million engineering graduates worldwide among which 25%, i.e around 1.5 million are from India? Can you even imagine how engineering has strengthened its foundation in Indian Educational choices?

Let us further move forward to know the different engineering courses that the huge Indian mass of 1.5 million choose to pursue.

Engineering courses at various levels:

Various disciplines of engineering courses at various academic levels beginning from diploma to master level are offered for future engineers.

Here is a tabulated view of different engineering courses with BTech fees in Kerala and other courses fees in the ascending level order:

Engineering courses Level Duration Eligibility criteria Admission process Average fee in INR
Diploma in engineering Polytechnic level 3 years after 10th


2 years for lateral entry

●      Candidates should be of minimum 16 years of age.

●      Candidate should have completed 10th grade

●      Candidates who completed 12th grade with physics, mathematics and chemistry as compulsory subjects can make lateral entry

No entrance exams for Diploma Admission. Admission is based on the 10th or 12th marks. 20,000- 45,000 per annum
B.Tech in Engineering Undergraduate level 4 years after 12th


3 years for lateral entry

●      Candidates should have completed 10+2 with a minimum 45% aggregate in the secondary board or any equivalent board with physics and mathematics as compulsory subjects.

●      Candidates completed Diploma can make lateral entry in their respective discipline.


Admission for BTech is either merit-based or entrance exam-based. Merit-based admissions are made considering 12th marks while entrance exams based admission consider exams like JEE Mains. 45,500- 1,50,000 per annum
M.Tech in Engineering Postgraduate level 2 years after UG ●      Candidates should have graduated in a relevant BTech course with a minimum 45% marks. Admission for MTech is either merit-based or entrance exam-based. Merit-based admissions are made considering UG marks while entrance exams based admission consider exams like GATE. 50,000- 2,00,000 per annum

Hope the above table gives a gist of engineering courses in colleges like TOMS that provide engineering courses in Kerala.

Specializations in different engineering courses:

Having known about the different engineering course levels, don’t you want to know about the various specializations in each engineering course?

The major specializations that are available in both Diploma and B.Tech courses. Coming to M.Tech, each branch of engineering has got different specializations which are tabulated below:

Branch of engineering Few M.Tech Specializations
Mechanical engineering ●      M.Tech Mechanical(General)

●      M.Tech Mechatronics

●      M.Tech Automobile engineering

●      M.Tech Manufacturing engineering

●      M.Tech Robotics

●      M.Tech Computer Aided Design

●      M.Tech Production Engineering

Civil engineering ●      M.Tech Civil(General)

●      M.Tech Building technology and construction management

●      M.Tech Hydraulics

●      M.Tech Highway technology

●      M.Tech Geotechnical Engineering

Computer science engineering ●      M.Tech Computer Science engineering

●      M.Tech Information technology

●      M.Tech Data science

●      M.Tech Artificial Intelligence

●      M.Tech Computer Network Engineering

Electrical engineering ●      M.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering

●      M.Tech Electrical Devices and Power System Engineering

●      M.Tech Electrical Drives and Control

●      M.Tech Electrical Energy Systems

●      M.Tech Electrical Engineering

Electronics and communication engineering ●      M.Tech Telecommunication Engineering

●      M.Tech Microelectronics & VLSI Designs

●      M.Tech Electronics Design and Technology

●      M.Tech Wireless Communication

●      M.Tech Signal Processing

●      M.Tech Robotics

●      M.Tech Embedded Systems


Career options after Engineering:

As the development of the world in industrial means is majorly dependent on the engineering sector, the job opportunities after engineering are extensive. Certain students go for a job immediately after B.Tech while some others go for higher education, i.e., M.Tech. Data shows that almost 13.85% B.Tech graduates opted for higher education. If you choose jobs instead of higher education, isn’t it time for you to know the major career options after engineering?

Job positions are open in both the government and private sectors after completion of engineering courses in renowned institutions like TOMS, one of the best Btech colleges in Kerala, India. Scroll down to know more about the job roles for engineers.

Government jobs for engineers:

Engineering graduates after graduating with B.Tech and M.Tech can avail jobs the following positions in the government sector:

  • Project engineer
  • Site engineer
  • Technical Assistant
  • Junior Engineer
  • Assistant Engineer
  • Chief engineer
  • Executive Engineer

The below graph provides the average salary scale for the above government


Graph source: Self-created

Salary data: Glassdoor

Top Government recruiting companies:

  • Engineers India Limited(EIL)
  • Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited(BHEL)
  • Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited(BSNL)
  • Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO)
  • Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited(ONGC)
  • Steel Authority of India Limited(SAIL)

Private jobs for engineers:

As the world keeps progressing, the requirement for engineers of different fields is expanding in India as well as abroad. Did you know that the engineering sector is the largest in the industrial world in India which accounts for 27% of the total factories in the industrial sector and represents 63% of the total foreign collaborations?

The widening scale of industrial advancements in India and worldwide have created various job roles for engineers and here is a graphical representation of a few engineering jobs with payscale:

Graph Source: Self-created

Salary source: Glassdoor

Graph source: Self-created

Salary source: Glassdoor

Top private sector recruiting companies:

  • DLF
  • L&T
  • Wipro
  • Microsoft
  • Capgemini
  • Accenture
  • Renault

Hope that you would have a vivid picture of the tremendous engineering career as it has endless possibilities.


Now, it’s time to conclude the article. Long paragraphs are not required to explain the future scope of engineering in this developing world. Simply saying, engineering is the sector that has and will have never-ending career opportunities in the present and upcoming decades. No matter what field of engineering you pursue, the job opportunities are enormous both within and outside India. Wish you to select the desired engineering field and establish a successful career.


  • Can we pursue MBA after M.Tech?

Yes, students can pursue MBA after M.Tech.

  • Can B.E graduates pursue M.Tech?

Yes, students can appear for the GATE exam to get admission in M.Tech after B.E.

  • Can M.Tech students pursue Ph.D.?

Yes, M.Tech students can pursue Ph.D. after graduation.

  • Do M.Tech graduates earn better than B.Tech graduates?

Yes, M.Tech graduates earn better than B.Tech graduates as they have more field knowledge thus getting placed in higher positions directly.

  • Is the engineering market size expanding globally?

Yes, the engineering market size is expanding globally thus creating huge job vacancies for future engineers.