Can I Print My Own Washi Tape?

If you’re looking to customize your own washi tape, there are many options available. You can use a print program like PUNDY to make a custom print. You can then resize your artwork to fit the tape. To make your print perfect for the tape, you should match the left and right edges of the tape.

Custom washi tape

Custom washi tape is a great option for packaging, gift wrap, and more. Made from plant materials like bamboo and hemp, washi tape is eco-friendly and makes a beautiful and practical gift for any occasion. It’s also water-resistant and perfect for note books and packaging. Whether your goal is to celebrate a special occasion or promote your brand, washi tape can help you get there.

Custom washi tape is a great way to display your artwork. You can choose from a variety of prints and colors, and order as many rolls as you need. Custom washi tape makes a unique gift, and it is easy to on-sell to others.

Creating your own washi tape with PUNDY

Washi tape is a popular craft item that you can create yourself. You can make it from scraps of fabric or masking tape. These tapes are popular in the craft world and are great for decorating print your own washi tape and personalizing items. You can even create a custom washi tape by adding your own prints.

Resize your artwork to match the tape

When printing your artwork, keep in mind that washi tape can come in different sizes. When printing for the tape, always add one mm of bleed to the top and bottom edges of your print. This will help the printer see your print and cut the tape at the right places.

Washi tape is great for transforming any surface. You can use it to add stripes to a wall or to create fun prints on tote bags. It’s also great for lining bins or shelves, and you can even use it to decorate door frames. It also makes a great growth chart.

CMYK colour profile for printing

If you want to print washi tape with accurate colour, make sure your print is in CMYK format. This will ensure that your printout is a true representation of your print and that the colours will show up clearly. Fluorescent or bright colours, for example, can look dull unless they are CMYK. In addition, the colours on your computer screen are not the same as the colours on your printed tape.

To choose the right colour profile for your print, you need to know which colour profile your printer uses. Most printers use RGB as its standard colour profile, but there are some exceptions. RGB is more accurate than CMYK, but it is more limited. If you want brighter printed colours, you can use RGB.

Ordering washi tape

Washi tapes are easy to use and can be used to create beautiful prints on a variety of products. This type of is available in a variety of widths and colors. It is the perfect choice if you are print your own washi tape looking for a unique gift to give to a friend or loved one. It can also be used to create DIY bookmarks and gift tags. This tape is widely available and can be ordered online. The price of washi tapes can be a bit more expensive than ordinary tapes, but they are incredibly durable and highly functional.


Washi tape is often used for paper crafts, card making, and scrapbooking projects. Its low-tack adhesive makes it easy to use and reposition. Washi tape can also be used to make beautiful backgrounds and stencils to enhance your prints.