Can an MSc in Data Science and AI Be Worth The Effort?

Data science is an exciting field where learners can gain in-demand knowledge and training. Similarly, artificial intelligence is a discipline that is relevant in current times. Having expertise in working with data science and AI is necessary for every aspirant.

A master’s program in Data Science and AI is a great choice of degree for those wanting to learn data science. They gain a solid knowledge of basics, tools, and techniques. Learners gain advanced knowledge and skills through a degree in MSc data science in Bangalore. If you wish to pursue a data science career, a master’s in data science and AI is your best option.

However, what is a data science master’s degree, and how will it help you?

What is master’s in data science?

A master’s degree is an advanced program that teaches you the necessary skills to work as a data scientist. You can enroll in this program to gain expertise in depth on data science terminology. The degree is useful for working professionals to enter more advanced roles in data science, such as managerial positions.

The course modules of a master’s degree program cover data analytics, programming, machine learning, statistics, and more. You can take part in research projects to work on huge data sets and build advanced skills. Learners can also opt for a PG in artificial intelligence if they’re interested in learning AI.

Most master programs may require you to possess a computer science bachelor’s or significantly related fields. The course duration may also differ depending on its format. You can earn a master’s degree in around 1.5 years of approx. time schedule.

How can a degree in MSc data science in Bangalore assist you in advancing your career?

Pursuing a data science master’s degree can become a differentiating factor between you and other data science aspirants. The field is quickly becoming popular among professionals wishing to make a career change. Here are a few points that justify the overall importance of a Master in data science and AI program

●    Higher salaries are common for master’s degree holders

One of the key reasons to get a master’s degree is it can help you earn a better salary as a professional. As data science’s importance increases, the need for experts will increase as well. Obtaining the degree enables you to work at big MNCs.

●    It’s easy to transition your career

A degree program that emphasizes practical application through real-life projects is the ideal way to change careers. You should be able to comprehend concepts easily and apply them in everyday situations. This skill and knowledge are highly required in industries.

Working professionals who are looking for senior positions can learn concepts such as advanced math, statistics, and more. So, a master’s or PG in artificial intelligence can make it easier for learners to switch careers and make a transition to advanced positions.

●    Learners gain advanced knowledge of data science

Data science is an ever-changing field, you need to constantly update your skills to advanced techniques. You will constantly update your skills and polish existing ones. Master programs help data scientists develop the advanced skills that are essential to becoming experts in their field.

Your critical thinking, problem-solving, and other skills will also benefit. A master’s program equips learners with tools and techniques for success. They can learn how to solve complex problems to draw useful insights. As a data scientist, the degree program will increase your value by enhancing your skills.

●    A master’s degree offers flexible learning

Maintaining the work life is a main priority for many professionals looking to advance their careers. However, it becomes difficult to manage time effectively. The master’s degree programs offer hybrid learning. Learners can complete their studies online or offline according to their convenience.

Having the option to study at their time enhances the learning process. Therefore, a degree in MSc data science in Bangalore is ideally suited for working professionals to study. They can successfully handle their job and study time.

●    Master’s degrees are globally recognized

As a master’s degree holder, you have the chance to apply for jobs on an international level. The degree can help you gain jobs abroad in any company you want. You can use your data science skills and work in countries like Canada, the US, and more.

●    Master’s degrees help gain specialized knowledge

Every industry requires data scientists with advanced skill sets. They want professionals who can work efficiently in their sectors. Therefore, they look for candidates with advanced knowledge and credentials matching their requirements. Through a data science master’s degree, you can expect to work in any sector.

Degree programs like MSc data science in Bangalore offer specialized courses that help learners become experts in their sectors. You can earn a Master’s Degree in Data Science and AI, irrespective of your working domain.   From finance to manufacturing, you can learn to apply data science in any industry.


Though an MSc data science in Bangalore is helpful, you need to look for courses that deliver the required knowledge. Data science is a desired skill that every company wants to utilize. You will find many companies in a tech hub such as Bangalore requiring the assistance of a data professional.

You can also expect to see many online courses for the same. Therefore, choose wisely and select the right course according to your needs. The master’s program that offers the necessary knowledge and features explained above is ideal.

The master’s in data science and AI program offers an extensive curriculum to help learners turn into experts. They offer practical sessions where you will gain the skill to apply what you know to real-life situations. Learners study through experts in data science and AI and gain relevant experience to enter the field.

The modules are designed by experts for working professionals. They get the option of hybrid learning to offer flexibility in their timetable. Learners gain the globally recognized master’s degree from WOOLF along with the IBM project experience certificate.

They can use their credentials to apply for jobs abroad, such as in the US and 60+ countries. The program also provides Career Service Pro, through which you get 100% job assistance and placement help. Learners get to prepare for interviews through mock interviews, job support, interview calls, etc.