Your Guide to Buying Roller Mills in Kenya: Streamlining the Purchase Process

A roller mill is a grinding machine used to produce flour – among other products – from grains. Roller mill price in Kenya varies depending on the intended commercial or domestic use. The multifaceted and versatile roller mill is quite common. Whether you want a machine for grinding and cracking maize or for making pelleted feeds and mash, there are various factors to consider before acquiring a roller mill.

The Roller Mill

Factors to consider before acquiring a roller mill

Size of Roller Mill

Numerous factors influence the roller mill price in Kenya; one of them is the size of the machine. The size of an ideal roller mill depends on whether it’s to be used on a small farm, a commercial business, or a large farm. Busy and large commercial enterprises require a bigger roller mill to match daily activities.

Engine Capacity and Size

Your target production scope depends on the size and capacity of the machine’s engine. You must buy a large machine with a big engine capacity to match high production levels. You may not avoid disappointment and frustration if you acquire a small engine roller machine for your extensive farm. Refrain from being tricked into believing that the bigger the size of the device, the bigger the engine capacity. Smaller engines are prone to frequent shutdowns, which in turn hurt consistency.

Energy Efficiency of the Roller Mill

Most people buy roller mills for commercial usage. Being keen on choosing a machine with less power consumption leads to maximization of profits: reduced cost of production. A commercial roller mill should be less costly to maintain.

There are several other features you should consider before buying a roller machine. Discussing this with your supplier to learn more about the device would be best.

A roller mill’s advantages are that they are not noisy during operation and produce less dust. They also produce same-size particles to ensure consistency for business. Investing in a roller mill to create wealth is a valid decision. Consider choosing the right supplier to help you with any trouble acquiring the best roller mill.


Investing in a roller mill requires you to go the extra mile to find a trustworthy supplier. Choosing a reliable one is imperative. It would be best if you made an effort to build a long-term and clear relationship with the supplier because the investment is expensive. Besides, it would be best if you were mindful of the physical address of the supplier as well as their longevity. You may have a reason to trust a company or supplier that has been in business for the long term.

Scrupulous suppliers offer the best prices. Roller mills sold through brokers and third-party agents have significantly inflated prices. You may consider buying directly from the original supplier or company. It’s helpful when it comes to after-sales service or advice on how to get spare parts and repairs. You don’t want to buy a machine whose spare parts aren’t readily available.

To make things more convenient for customers, some suppliers have full-time technicians and mechanics to offer advice and help troubleshoot the roller mill.


Lastly, this article has exposed all the essential factors before investing in a roller mill. Besides, you’ve been able to see the financial implications of the investment.

A roller machine is advantageous and expensive at the same time. Its price can increase depending on quality, size, supplier, etc.