Body Lotion: The secret to healthy body skin

Does your body’s skin feel a little less elastic, healthy and silky than usual? Or despite having dry skin do you still struggle with body acne? Trust us then! Your new best friend must be a body lotion. People do not consider moisturizing an important part of their skincare routine. Your skin needs moisturization just like a body needs water. All we need is a hydrating body lotion for our body just as much as we need a great moisturizer for our face. Body lotions make your skin silky, smooth, moisturized, and firm by restoring moisture balance in the skin. They boost cell regeneration and balance the pH level of the skin to prevent the recurrence of flaky and dry skin. It’s easy to assume that only winters can cause your skin to look scaly, flaky, and dry but hot summers can also dehydrate your skin due to summer’s heat, sweating, and usage of air conditioners during the season. Additionally, skin with a low moisture barrier is more prone to issues like rashes and skin infections. However, it is essential to provide the skin with the proper amount of moisture so that it may remain hydrated and healthy.

Benefits of using Body Lotion:

One of the easiest and budget-friendly methods to pamper your skin is using a Body Lotion. It offers several advantages if you take the time to apply it regularly. No matter what your region or climate is, hydrating and moisturizing your skin is very important. As people age, their skin gets drier and, in this condition, body lotion helps to maintain healthy and beautiful skin. Keep reading to know why one should not skip body lotion!

1. Provides hydration to dry skin

The body regularly loses moisture owing to wind, sunlight, heat, or cold conditions, just like your face. As important as it is to moisturize your face, your body needs it too. Giving your skin a regular dosage of nourishment is essential. Body lotion replenishes the skin barrier and protects it to get damaged by external and environmental factors. A daily dose of moisturization can provide the much-needed nourishment and seal in moisture which rehydrates your dry skin, and rejuvenate your skin cells, keeping the skin nourished and supple.

2. Soothes rough skin and eczema

If you have dry, dehydrated, or scaly skin, then body lotion should be a must-have for you. It soothes your rough and dry skin patches and calms itchy and irritated skin. Also, if you are suffering from body acne due to dehydrated skin, then try to apply body lotion on regular basis, it will help treat eczema and reduce back & body acne. Body lotions can work wonders on the roughest body areas such as elbows, knees, and feet, and provides extra nourishment because these body parts need extra care.

3. Minimizes early signs of aging

Signs of aging can also be a reason if your skin is not nourished well. Some body lotions contain anti-aging ingredients which help in minimizing the early signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin. When your skin is well hydrated, it will firm your saggy skin, keep it healthy, and will eventually disappear the signs of premature aging.

What’s the right and best body lotion for your body skin, according to the experts?

Let’s discuss which body lotion is best for your skin, based on your skin type, and the components that could be necessary for the perfect nourishment of your body.

  • Fidelia Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion for Dry to Normal Skin

This body lotion is perfect for you if you have dry to normal skin. It is a body lotion that is recommended by experts and rejuvenates your skin by giving it rich nourishment and moisture all day. This non-greasy, paraben-free body lotion has a pH balance of 5.5 and is lightweight. Rich in oatmeal, it moisturizes and nourishes dry skin, mango butter, shields skin from environmental damage, jojoba oil, provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and Mandelic acid, which improves the texture and appearance of skin.

  • Fidelia Nourishing Body Lotion for Very Dry and Sensitive Skin

Dealing with sensitive, dehydrated, and dry skin? Alternatively, does your skin feel flaky, tight, or a combination of the two? Confused about the best body lotion for sensitive and dry skin? Although you can’t change your skin type, you can take expert care of it. And for this Fixderma offers you the best body lotion for dry and sensitive skin that maintains the pH balance of your skin without irritating it. This non-steroidal and quickly absorbing body lotion is designed to deliver great hydration without leaving greasiness behind. It is enriched with Aloe vera, which moisturizes and calms sensitive skin, rice bran oil, which encourages cell growth, and most importantly it contains RetiSTAR, which has the well-known capacity to minimize early signs of aging.

  • Fidelia Hydrating Body Lotion for Very Dry and Scaly Skin

Despite having a damaged skin barrier, dry skin is also prone to dullness, itchiness, rough flakes, and scaly skin. Dermatologists recommend Fidelia Hydrating Body Lotion to treat skin scaliness and deeply hydrate dry skin. It replenishes the skin barrier and soothes irritated and itchy skin. This non-steroidal, gluten-free body lotion can be applied to the skin concerns like atopic dermatitis and eczema. This non-greasy body lotion rejuvenates, and balances out the disturbed pH level of your skin and repairs it from the inside by strengthening your skin’s moisture barrier. It is enriched with skin-soothing and nourishing ingredients like avocado oil, willow bark extract, lactic acid, & plant-based highly performing moisturizer which turns scaly, dry, itchy, irritated, and dehydrated skin into healthy-looking, youthful skin.