Best YouTube to MP3 Converter- 15 Free & Premium Tools Reviewed

Converting YouTube videos into MP3 audio files allows you to listen to just the audio track from videos offline. This gives greater flexibility and portability in playing YouTube content detached from an internet connection. With the surge in demand for audio ripping capabilities, numerous websites and software tools have emerged to fill this need. This guide explores 15 leading free online converters as well as premium downloader suites for saving YouTube videos as MP3s.

The key focus will be examining the core features, capabilities, advantages, and limitations among top contenders spanning browser-based tools requiring no download to full featured media workflow software. Key factors like conversion speed, output audio quality options, playlist support, ideal use cases and more will be highlighted to help match specific user needs. Let’s dive in to the top recommendations for YouTube to MP3 conversion as of 2023 based on differing priorities.

15 Free & Premium Tools Reviewed

There are some key advantages to saving YouTube videos specifically as MP3 files. MP3s take up much less storage and bandwidth compared to video files, making them easier to archive or take on the go. The MP3 format also makes it simpler to directly integrate YouTube content into your personal music library and playlists for seamless listening alongside other audio tracks. People commonly use YouTube to MP3 ripping to grab just the audio from music videos, podcasts, lectures, comedy clips, audiobook readings and more for expanded offline access. The tools covered in this guide all focus specifically on streamlining the extraction of MP3 audio from YouTube for these purposes.

  • Listening to YouTube music/content offline
  • Saving podacasts, lectures, audio books from YouTube
  • Creating playlists and managing files easier
  • Taking up less storage space than video files
  • Flexibility to use the audio files across devices

15 YouTube to MP3 Converters

With the demand for downloading YouTube as MP3s, many sites and apps have developed good solutions. Here are 15 of the best YouTube to MP3 converter options to consider:

1. is one of most straightforward online converters available. Simply copy and paste the YouTube video link, choose MP3 format preferences, and click convert. In seconds you get an MP3 file ready to download. The tool is completely intuitive but fairly no frills. You are limited to more compressed 192kbps MP3s and have to navigate some ads. But for minimal fuss, YTMP3 delivers.

2. ClipGrab

Prefer open source software? Then ClipGrab is a great YouTube to MP3 converter choice focused solely on downloads. Install this donationware tool and you can swiftly paste links to extract audio or video in multiple formats like MP3, M4A, OGG, etc. ClipGrab presents a clean interface to find media and pull high quality audio fast without anything extra. For unfussy ripping from YouTube, it nails fundamentals.

3. 4K Video Downloader

If you want a premium, full-featured YouTube downloading experience, 4K Video Downloader is a top pick. This sophisticated paid software goes far beyond basics with smart utilities to grab entire YouTube playlists, channels, subtitles and more automatically while still converting to formats like MP3 in customizable resolutions up to 320kbps. You can even selectively download single videos from within playlists. The advanced functionality justifies the price for power users.

4. Freemake YouTube to MP3

Don’t overlook Freemake YouTube to MP3 as another balanced option accessible right from your browser. The straightforward dashboard accepts links to download in MP3 format with dialed in presets up to 256kbps bitrate. Simple social media integration to grab audio is also built in. No frills or bloat here; just unrestricted, swift YouTube MP3 downloading made refreshingly easy.

5. OnlineVideoConverter

Living up to its name, OnlineVideoConverter focuses solely on fast media file conversions rather than downloads. But the browser-based simplicity can be a plus: just copy, paste any YouTube link, and convert. With MP3 quality topping out higher at 320kbps bitrate, it competes with the quick efficiency of an online tool like without the annoying ads or artifical download limits.

6. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

If you want the kitchen sink in a premium, multi-format powerhouse YouTube video and audio downloader, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe impresses. Alongside superb 320kbps MP3 YouTube ripping tools, you get a mighty converter supporting virtually any media file type, screen recording utilities, video editing options, and the ability to download entire YouTube playlists with a single click. The champ of software suites.

7. Any Video Converter Ultimate

Any Video Converter Ultimate earns its “ultimate” label as a fast, efficient paid tool for Windows and Mac that rips audio or video files from not only YouTube but also Facebook, Vimeo, MTV, and over 100 other sites. Media consumption is a breeze with smart utilities to stream to TVs and mobile devices. For direct YouTube to MP3 needs, it delivers quality up to 320kbps for an all-in-one powerhouse.

8. ListenToYouTube

Don’t underestimate legacy! ListenToYouTube has offered fundamental YouTube conversion capabilities since the early 2010s heyday of MP3 ripping. The site remains fully functional today for straightforward searches, previews in browser, and downloads as MP3 files up to 256kbps. Sure the interface is dated, but for simple, quick audio extraction, ListenToYouTube holds up.

9. YTMP3

One of the original giants of online YouTube ripping, YTMP3 (separate from, provides another easy browser-based option accessible from desktop and mobile. Conversion capabilities focus exclusively on audio in formats like MP3, M4A, OGG with output options up to 256kbps bitrates for solid quality. Just copy, paste, convert, and voila – no account or software needed for quick results.

10. DVDVideoSoft YouTube to MP3

This streamlined online tool from DVDVideoSoft strips out everything not needed for fast YouTube to MP3 results. The clean browser-based interface makes conversion effortless by taking links right in the dashboard. With handy built-in search utilities and no account requirements, DVDVideoSoft YouTube to MP3 covers the basics well for hassle-free ripping.

11. iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

If you want software purity focused exclusively on downloading YouTube audio, iTubeGo YouTube Downloader delivers that with style. The sleek and intuitive audio conversion toolkit gives you full quality control over MP3 formats up to 256kbps bitrate. Other standout utilities include direct video/playlist downloads and an integrated audio player so you never have to leave the app.

12. Y2mate

Sharing the quick simplicity of top online YouTube ripping sites, Y2mate makes it easy to paste in links and generate downloads as either video or audio files. Focusing strictly on media conversion gives you a simple site to use anywhere with no bloat. Do watch for ads between finishing conversion and accessing downloads. But the ability to rip even very lengthy videos as 320kbps MP3s makes it versatile.

13. YouTubeMonkey

YouTubeMonkey bills itself as a lightweight alternative to heavier paid media software. The site looks a bit dated but offers surprising utility for straightforward YouTube video and audio conversion, editing, and downloads including YouTube playlists. If your needs are simple, YouTubeMonkey’s MP3 converter achieves quick format ripping without cost or complication.

14. VideoProc Converter

Marketed primarily as video editing software, VideoProc Converter also fast YouTube conversion capabilities with some useful advanced options that distinguish it. The full-featured downloader allows tweaks like volume normalization when saving audio as an MP3. Integrations with sites like Vimeo, Facebook, Twitch and more also expand possibilities beyond YouTube.

15. YouTube MP3 Converter

Fitting its no nonsense name, YouTube MP3 Converter offers perhaps the most barebones browser-based ripper out there. Instead, simplicity becomes the focus. Copy a YouTube link, make essentially no choices except output as MP3, get the file. If goal #1 is avoiding any hassle or bloat converting YouTube to audio, this minimalist site nails it.

Key Takeaways

  • Online tools offer effortless speed but may limit control and quality
  • Premium software expands customizable options at the cost of complexity
  • Focusing on fundamentals rather than unwanted “extras” optimizes the user experience
  • Both legacy and newer tools can provide great results with the right approach

Key Differences Between the Tools

The YouTube to MP3 converters highlighted range widely in their functionality and features. Some key differences include:

Online vs Desktop Tools – Online converters like YTMP3 and OnlineVideoConverter work directly in the browser for quick, simple ripping while desktop programs like 4K Video Downloader and Any Video Converter install software with more advanced options.

Free vs Paid – Most online YouTube MP3 sites are entirely free with tradeoffs like lower quality or ads. Meanwhile desktop converters often offer free versions but charge for premium tools.

Conversion Capabilities – Online tools focus exclusively on converting YouTube to MP3. Offline downloader suites like Freemake, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, and VideoProc provide additional conversion and video editing tools.

Download Speed and Reliability – Free online YouTube downloaders often throttle speeds or fail with videos over 20 minutes while paid desktop software maintains faster, steadier download speeds.

Audio Quality Customization – Desktop converters tend to allow more fine tuning of MP3 quality presets like bitrates up to 320kbps while online tools have fixed conversion settings.

So in choosing the best fit, weigh your priorities like price, features set, formats beyond MP3, conversion speed and stability, interface experience, and download uses.

What to Look for in a YouTube MP3 Converter

With so many converter options available now, it helps to know what core features to look for:

Audio Quality – Look for tools that allow adjusting output audio quality, like customizing bitrates up to 320kbps for the best MP3s possible from YouTube videos.

Download Speed – Favor reputable, stable tools that can maintain steady fast downloading even for longer YouTube videos, when possible.

Playlist Support – For frequent batch downloading, seek tools that enable converting full YouTube playlists instead of just individual videos.

Ads & Limits – Watch for annoying ads in online free converters that create extra clicks or tools capping daily/hourly conversions.

Security – Carefully research the safest YouTube converters with strong reputations, encryption, malware scans, and no intrusive ads/bloatware.

Supported Formats – While MP3 is the prime format, also consider expanded format support like downloading audio as M4As or video as MP4 files.

Software Reliability – Opt for long-established, updated online converters, or premium pc software with ongoing development.

Ensuring Safe Downloads

When downloading YouTube media using any tool or software converter, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Anti-virus scan new software before installation
  • Avoid services with fake download buttons / shady ads
  • Use secure internet connections when able
  • Check reviews and ratings thoroughly first
  • Monitor new files in a sandbox environment first

4 Top Recommendations Based on Different Needs

Our overall top recommendations for YouTube MP3 converters based on differing use cases are:

For Quick, Unlimited Free Conversions – YTMP3 cc offers an unrivaled unlimited, cross-browser experience for no-frills conversion done rapidly. Just be prepared for lower quality, ads, and popups.

For Powerful Software Suite – If premium desktop software aligns best with your needs, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe gives the most robust toolkit with blazing fast conversion speeds.

For Streamlined Simplicity – Among installed converters, Freemake YouTube to MP3 represents probably the most straightforward and approachable interface that still delivers great results.

For Easy Batch Downloads – When needing to grab multiple YouTube videos on tap, 4K Video Downloader’s propriety tool lets you effortlessly queue and download whole playlists as MP3s.

Summing Up the Top Options

YouTube to MP3 conversion opens up new possibilities for accessing, curating, and enjoying YouTube audio content. The array of simple online tools to full featured multi format suites detailed offers options for all types of listening needs and technical capabilities. Compare features carefully and check reviews to find the best YouTube MP3 downloader that fits your use cases and requirements. Weigh the factors of functionality vs convenience to land on the right match.

Finding Your Perfect YouTube to MP3 Match

With the growing shift toward online media streaming in recent years, the ability to download and convert YouTube videos for offline listening has become invaluable for many users. As this guide shows, there is now an extensive set of tools available for saving YouTube audio specifically in the ubiquitous MP3 format—both free online options requiring no downloads and premium software with more advanced customizable features.

However, with so many alternatives now available, it can poses challenges in determining which YouTube to MP3 converter makes the most sense for your individual needs and use cases. Key determining factors include whether you need blazing fast batch downloading versus one-off simple ripping, expanded format support beyond MP3s, video conversion capabilities, maximum audio quality up to 320kbps bitrate, playlist and channel subscriptions support, seamlessly maintained conversion speeds even for longer videos, and more.

Additional considerations are how often you want to utilize the tool (daily versus occasionally), whether simplicity and convenience trumps more advanced customization, willingness to purchase premium software over free but limited online offerings, concern over intrusive ads in the conversion process, downloading for personal music enjoyment versus professional application needs and more.

With those criteria in mind and the detailed overviews provided of the top 15 contenders’ strengths and limitations, you hopefully have a clearer perspective in determining the ideal YouTube MP3 solution for you. Try prioritizing whether an unrestricted, stable downloading workhorse like WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe fits the bill or keeping it simple fast with a no frills site like OnlineVideoConverter for sporadic needs makes more sense. Getting the best match comes down assessing functional needs against efficiency so you can integrate YouTube ripping capabilities that enhance rather than hinder your listening habits.