Best Trading Apps Without Investments in India according to Traders Union

The journey to financial freedom can sometimes require large capital upfront. In today’s rapidly advancing digital age, trading platforms and apps have emerged as powerful tools for investors and traders alike.

Technological advancements have paved the way for new opportunities in the fascinating financial market world, providing trading app without investments in India. Aspiring traders can now venture into trading without significant investments, using comprehensive trading platforms at their fingertips.

At Traders Union, experts provide insights into this realm of low-entry barrier trading in India. This guide offers a comprehensive overview, from explaining the potential ways to earn without hefty investments to revealing the best platforms to aid your journey.

Is Making Money in Trading Without Investments in India Possible?

Yes, making money in trading without significant investments in India is possible. Trading apps offer various opportunities and options like bonuses, affiliates or other programs. Here are some of these options:

  1. Forex No Deposit Bonuses: Some brokers provide these bonuses to allow new traders to start trading without making a deposit.
  2. Broker Affiliate Programs: By referring others to a broker, traders can earn a commission.
  3. Broker Competitions: Some brokers hold competitions with cash prizes for top performers.
  4. Forex-funded Trading Programs: Traders can apply for these programs and trade with the fund’s capital after demonstrating their trading competency.

Top List of Forex Trading Apps in India to Make Money Without Investing

Traders Union experts have analyzed several applications available to traders in India to start earning money without investing sufficient funds:

  1. RoboForex: Known for its excellent user interface and advanced charting tools. It also offers a competitive affiliate program.
  2. XM Group MT4/MT5: Offers no deposit bonuses to new users, and its platforms are renowned for reliability and functionality.
  3. InstaForex: Famous for its demo contests where traders can win real cash without investing.
  4. AMarkets: Provides high-quality educational resources for new traders and a generous affiliate program.

Alternative Options with Best Forex Funds Trading Accounts in India

There are also several extra options, namely, to start with a Forex-funded trading account. Traders Union discussed the following alternatives:

  1. Topstep: This platform provides a well-structured trading combination, allowing traders to prove their skills and earn a funded account.
  2. Earn2Trade: Similar to Topstep, Earn2Trade allows traders to trade without upfront capital once they pass a stringent evaluation.

How to Start Trading Without a Minimum Deposit

Starting to trade without a minimum deposit is possible. Some brokers offer no deposit bonuses or require a minimum deposit, usually between $1 and $10. Funded trading accounts also provide this opportunity.

How to Earn Decent Money?

Earning a substantial income from trading without substantial investments involves discipline, risk management, and consistent learning. Remember, while no deposit bonuses and funded accounts offer a launching pad, the road to substantial earnings is paved with sound trading strategies, patience, and continuous market analysis.

Tips to Choose a Trading App in India

Choosing the right trading app is crucial. Here are a few tips:

  • Look for stringent regulations and security features to protect your funds.
  • Evaluate the trading conditions and commission structure to ensure they are competitive.
  • Ensure the trading platform is user-friendly and equipped with the necessary tools.
  • Check the quality of customer support.
  • Check the reputation of the broker and track record.


Embarking on a trading journey without significant investments is possible in today’s digital world. The key is to equip oneself with the right knowledge, choose the appropriate platform, and follow a disciplined approach. Visit the Traders Union website for more information and detailed insights on various trading platforms and strategies. Our experts are committed to providing the necessary tools to navigate the exciting trading world.