Best tips to play and win Metarun

In recent times, many individuals are playing Metarun to earn a significant amount of money. But, if you have been wondering how you can earn just like any other player, read further. Through this article, you will gather some tips to play Metarun in the best way.

Besides, you will also get an idea about how you can enhance your earning potential with the metaverse crypto game.

What tips must you consider for playing Metarun effectively?

When you start playing the mobile game, Metarun, there are many ways through which you can play in the best way. So, let’s check out the ways in detail, one after the other.

#1 Always choose the right character

Soon after you download the Metarun game, you will first have to choose from three characters. These characters come under different classes, namely, sprinter, fighter, and craftsman. If you select the character of the sprinter class, then you can move along the track swiftly.

Apart from increasing the movement speed, the character also helps to avoid danger. On the other hand, characters of the fighter class can bear significant damage, and you can choose them to kill the opponents aggressively. But, if you want to gain the ability to impose many effects on the enemies, then the character belonging to the craftsman class is ideal.

#2 Think about upgrading the character’s level

Once you have earned ample in-game currencies, you can think about buying a character from the Metarun game store. But, if you purchase the level from a secondary market, the character’s level will be high. In those instances, the current skin’s rarity will determine the character’s overall level.

So, you must follow a principle whenever you want to upgrade the character to the next level. You later have to use hard currency (OPAL), soft currency (GOLD), and Metarun native token ($MRUN). However, you can think about upgrading your abilities up to a certain limit.

#3 Grab boosters along the track

While you come across and grab boosters, it will instantaneously boost the character. These boosters are present at random places on the map, and they intend to enhance a particular characteristic. For instance, if you grab the health potion, then it will restore the player’s overall condition.

But, if you grab a magnet, it will start collecting gold automatically from the neighbourhood rows. On the contrary, the ‘Ability Freeze’ booster will prevent the enemy character from using an active ability. The player will also be about to launch a damaging projectile through the ‘Rocket’ booster.

#4 Equip yourself with pets

If you are not aware of pets in Metarun, then these are nothing but companions that can grant additional passive ability. But, when you think it’s ideal to use a pet, you can consider only one pet for every character. Moreover, once you determine the pet, you will not be able to change it later.

In that case, when you equip yourself with a pet, the booster will last 1.5 times longer. You can also perceive a difference in the healing effect when you pick up the mana potion or the health potion. Like characters, pets also have a rarity and a level system. This leads to the fact that the character’s ability will strengthen only when the level is on the higher side.

#5 Use artifacts wisely 

When you need additional power to win the levels, you can always think about using artifacts. However, as soon as you obtain the artifacts from the secondary market, they will double the healing effect to a certain extent.

Overall, an artifact will increase the main stats, including maximum health, collision damage, and maximum mana. If the artifact’s rarity is high, it will improve the main characteristics substantially. Apart from everything else, you can also use some dust to create your artifact. Using more dust can later help you to create strong artifacts.

#6 Be swift with the movements

In the end, it can become challenging to traverse static or moving obstacles. So, when you start playing the game, you must know how you can move across the map. When you swipe up, then the character will tend to jump. But, when you want the character to slide, you must swipe down.

Furthermore, when you’re concerned about making the character strong, then you can tap the booster button when it’s blue in color. To move to the right or left-hand side of the touchscreen, you will have to be quick with the finger’s motion.

How can you earn more through the online game?

Like most players, you can also earn pretty well through Metarun. All the currencies of the mobile game are divided into hard and soft currencies. When you’re playing in the PvE or PvP mode, you can acquire GOLD at any time.

Besides, you can earn GOLD from a chest after completing a Trophy road, a Battle Pass mission, or a level. If you wish to acquire DIAMOND, you must win the game under the PvP mode. But, to gain SAPPHIRE, you must kill the monsters apart from completing the missions or levels.

While you’re keen on earning OPAL, you must involve yourself in PvP battles and complete the missions in PvE mode. But, if you want to enhance your earning potential, it will entirely depend on your overall performance, character level, and many more factors. You can also think about acquiring OPAL from a chest or when you’ve finished playing the PvP mode.

As far as the Closed Beta is concerned, the overall ROI will depend on the ticket type. If you grab the Golden Ticket, you can participate in 150 battles. In such a case, if you win all the battles, then you can earn $18 per hour. In addition, you can obtain a 3D playable NFT skin to play the entire online game soon after the Global Launch.

But, if you have a bronze ticket and are not actively involved in the mobile game, you will earn zero OPAL. This fact means that you will not be able to get any Metarun Tokens. Hence, regardless of the ticket you purchase, you must set aside some time daily to play the game.


To summarize, there are many things that you have to consider to play Metarun effectively. While you have to choose the right character at the beginning of the game, you must upgrade the character’s level repeatedly. But, if you want to boost the passive abilities, you will have to empower yourself with pets.

Subsequently, you can earn GOLD, DIAMOND, SAPPHIRE, or OPAL once you start playing the game. Eventually, you must always remember to play the mobile game daily only when you want to maximize your earning potential.