Best Switch Brand In India

The comfort and functionality of modular switches give the interiors of our homes a fillip. These switches are viable and worthwhile replacing the standard ones due to their flexibility, learn more about the best switch brands in India

Yet, have you ever considered the qualities to seek while purchasing these switches? 

The 5 brands listed below are among India’s numerous electrical switch manufacturers that provide some of the best modular switches. 

  • PM CONA 
  • L&T 
  • Havells
  • Anchor by Panasonic
  • Goldmedal

How are you going to select the best brands of modular switches?

Modular switches are undoubtedly a fantastic concept, but you should know the dos and don’ts when choosing one. These are three crucial considerations when purchasing modular switches:

Maintenance and robustness

The switches must be durable and simple to repair. Certain plastic materials have a classy appearance, but after a few months of usage, they shatter or split. Several materials are currently engineered thanks to contemporary technologies. They are long-lasting and dirt-repellent.


The quality of a modular switch is greatly influenced by its material. Always take into account materials that are both pleasing to the eye and safe for usage. Moreover, the substance should be heat resistant. As a result, accidents caused by circuit failure are less likely. In India’s top switches, flame-retardant materials like polycarbonate are employed widely.

Technology applied

The development of the top switches for the home is being done admirably by the electronic equipment sector. The two-way and one-way modular switches are user-friendly.

What benefits and drawbacks does the modular switch offer?


  • Durability: Modular switches are renowned for their lifespan and robustness, using premium parts and materials.
  • Modular switches are available in a variety of forms and designs, making it simple to pick a switch that complements the architecture of the building and satisfies personal tastes.
  • Installation is simple since modular switches are made with simple instructions and few tools needed.
  • Flexibility: Modular switches provide a high degree of flexibility because they make it simple for users to swap out or upgrade certain parts as needed without having to do a lot of wiring or installation work.


  • Restricted compatibility: Modular switches could not work with all kinds of electrical setups since they need particular wiring or parts.
  • Cost: Due to their sophisticated design and premium materials, modular switches might be more expensive than conventional switches.
  • Modular switches may not be easily accessible in some locations, making it challenging to get or buy them.
  • Modular switches are typically dependable, but if they are not installed or maintained correctly, they may encounter faults or failures.


Havells appears to be the ideal choice because it works with some of India’s greatest electrical switch firms. Yet you should pick a brand based on what you need. Prior to choosing a modular switch, consider the purpose and the voltage need at the location where it will be installed. This is in addition to the previously mentioned considerations.

Which four types of switches are there?

Switches come in mechanical and electrical varieties. Other classifications of mechanical switches include SPST (single pole single throw), SPDT (single pole double throw), DPST (double pole, single throw), and DPDT (double pole double throw). They can be of several varieties depending on how they work and are built, such as push buttons, toggle switches, joysticks, rotary devices, etc.

What switch is ideal for residential wiring?

Standard toggle switches are a common option for switches in residential wiring. These switches are widely accessible, simple to install, and available in a range of designs and hues to complement any environment. These may be used to regulate both incandescent and fluorescent lights, and they are also reasonably priced.

A Decora switch is another alternative for house wiring. These switches come in a number of colors to complement any decor and feature a sleek, contemporary style. They can control lights from several places and come in a variety of styles, including single pole, 3-way, and 4-way.

A Dimmer switch, which enables you to change the brightness of a light and is a wonderful alternative for living rooms and bedrooms, is also a good option for house wiring.

It’s important to note that, when it comes to wiring your house, it’s always a good idea to check with a certified electrician, especially if you are unfamiliar with the electrical standards and regulations.