Best Study Table Designs Online for a Productive Corner

 A study table is an essential piece of furniture and is highly relevant in homes that have school-going kids or adults who have a desk job. With the urban spaces shrinking there is limited space and hence there is a need for study desks that occupy minimal space. Keeping this in mind, many online furniture retailers have come up with space-saving study tables online. These occupy less space have creative styles and designs and are ideal for creating a perfect study corner in any spare room or bedroom. Read below to learn more about such designs for study tables online.

Why is a Study Table a Must?

Pre-pandemic people thought of study tables as a luxury. But post the pandemic people have realized that it is a necessity and not a luxury especially if you are continuing to work from home. Here’s why you should invest in a nice study table.

  • Study table furniture is proven to enhance productivity
  • It promotes good posture and leads to less pain, aches and other health problems.
  • It allows you to study or work more efficiently
  • It creates the right ambience and enhances the work or study experience.

How To Buy Study Table Online?

There are a few key factors to consider when buying a studying desk or work table. Here are some of those factors that will ensure that you buy the best study table online for the perfect study or work environment.


The right size of the study table depends on space availability, needs and preferences. But generally speaking, opt for:

  • A single table that is of a decent size if you are picking one for your kid. Study tables for students should be reasonably large enough to accommodate the books, stationery, etc.
  • If it is for a professional who works with a laptop then a small size desk is good. However, if you are an engineer or graphic designer look for a work table that is large.
  • If the table is for your home office, then the office table for home size is based on the room size.


The style should be based on the overall room decor. The table you pick should gel with the existing furniture. The next is the material and wooden study tables are a popular choice as they are sturdy, durable and long-lasting. But it should be lightweight yet study so that it can be shifted especially if you plan to move your workstation.


The study table price depends on the size, design, material, brand, make, etc. It can start from a few thousand to tens of thousands. A durable table costs more and will not require replacement for a few years. But if you want a cheaper option they may not last long. The choice is entirely yours. Another factor that affects price is the storage. Study tables with desks, shelves and drawers are costlier compared to small study tables. Plus, designer study tables cost more and so do the customized ones but it is worth it as you are working and studying on a table that you love.

Study Table Designs

Folding Tables

These are some of the popular study tables for sale. There are several reasons for choosing a folding study table when it comes to setting up a productive corner. It is a study desk table that is made for modern homes and to save space. There is minimal effort when it comes to setting the table and it can be folded and placed in a corner when not used. Also, contrary to traditional tables these are lightweight and can be placed wherever there is a cosy corner for work.

Wall-Mounted Study Tables

These are tables that have a minimalistic design and can be the best fit for any room size. These are tables that can be mounted on the wall and folded when not in use for work. Some of these wall-mounted study tables come with an organized and integrated bookshelf. So it is not any corner but a well-organized corner for your work. During study time it is your kids’ workstation and during your office hours, it is your office space. If you want a study table that occupies no floor space, then this is the best design you need.

Study Table Cum Bookshelf

A study table with storage comes with a well-designed rack and well-organized cabinet for storing different things needed to be productive at work or study. It is designed in such a way that it can be used as a bookshelf as well as a work design. Look for a sleek design so that you get ample floor space as well as storage space for your essentials.

Corner desk

Corners are the most unutilised spaces in your home. So designers have come up with a corner desk design to maximize space efficiency. Look for tables that come with integrated drawers or shelves for additional storage without taking up too much space. Choose a minimalist and sleek design to ensure the space looks uncluttered and open.

Floating desk

These are desks that mount to the wall directly removing the need for floor space. This design gives the space a modern and sleek look while providing a functional workspace. Some of these floating desks also come with built-in storage to keep things organized.

Multipurpose work table

If you want a multipurpose table then choose these tables. These can be used for hobbies, work or even as a coffee table. Choose a design that is plain and simple so that it can be used for many activities. Any feature of these study desk tables is that they have ample space for your books, gadgets, stationery and more. So these can be used as a work surface as well as to store your study or work essentials.

The above are some of the best study table designs for a productive corner. Ensure that you pick the one that suits your needs and also keeps you productive. Otherwise, your study or work may suffer. If you are on the hunt for a space-saving study table, explore Wakefit’s range of study tables online.