Best free games to play

We all love video games, but sometimes they can be a little pricey. Some good video games can cost upwards of £60! Obviously, this can be steep for someone who isn’t exactly sure that they are going to enjoy what they are buying. Luckily for gamers there is a large range of free games out there so you can play free of charge! While you might not think it, many of these free games have very high standards and are on par with paid ones in terms of quality. These games make their money by other means instead of selling the game itself, they sell DLC and advertisements. If you are looking for some of the best free games to play, then you’re in luck because today we are going to be discussing exactly that! If you want to enjoy all of these fantastic games to the fullest extent, then your best bet is to invest in a better gaming setup! There are many clever ways that you could upgrade a gaming setup, but the most significant improvement you could make would without a doubt be mounting your TV to the wall. Click here for TV wall mounting services.


You were probably expecting this one, and for a good reason. Fortnite is probably the most popular game in the world at this point, it revolutionised gaming. It came out a few years ago as a free, battle royale game that everyone loved. When the game blew up, epic games turned a lot of focus towards updating the gaming and keeping players interested. Fortnite constantly has new content, you’ll never get bored when playing with friends. What people love most about Fortnite is the building aspect of the game, players can build ramps and walls to their advantage while the map gets smaller and smaller, eventually forcing everyone to battle to the last player. The concept of battle royale has been milked pretty badly ever since the initial success of Fortnite, but we can say for sure that Fortnite gives you a very original and fun multiplayer experience that you will never find anywhere else. The game also has a playground mode where you can create your own levels and such, there’s a lot more to this game than just battle royale. If you have never given this game a try, then we would highly recommend it as it is definitely one of the best free games to play.


To play this free game you are going to need to download steam on a PC or laptop, but it’s pretty worth it. If you haven’t heard of counter-Strike before, the Esports side of things may ring a bell. Counter-Strike global offensive has been one of the most popular games on twitch for a long time. The competitive aspect of it is what keeps players coming back, it takes a lot of skill to play this game. One thing we would say is that if you are looking for a casual gaming experience, this one might not be one of the best free games for you to play. There is a lot of skill involved in counterstrike and it takes a lot of getting used to, which can make the process of improving at the game feel as rewarding as can be. If you have ever played search and destroy on call of duty, then think of Counter-Strike like that but only a lot more skill-based with a lot of teamwork involved. The only thing about this game is that because it’s a free PC game you may run into a lot of hackers, but this isn’t too likely. 

Rocket League

Everyone knows what the sport football is, but imagine adding cars into the mix? If you have never heard of rocket league before then you are definitely in for a treat. Rocket League is basically a game of football with rocket-boosting cars involved. There really isn’t much else to it, but it takes a whole lot of skill. Being able to dribble the ball using a car is more difficult than it may seem. It’s a pretty laid-back game, but things can get competitive if you play ranked modes. Rocket league can make for some hilarious moments with friends, there’s not a more satisfying feeling than pulling off an awesome save or scoring an amazing goal. Rocket League hasn’t always been free either, it used to be a paid game. Many people paid for the game, and we have no doubts that they are now pretty bummed out that they spent their hard-earned money. Luckily for you though, you won’t have to! Rocket League is without a doubt one of the best free games to play.