Benefits of Motion Graphics

The visual content is getting much more diversified and wider as new mediums and channels are getting accepted. There is a large pool of social media content. That is increasing the competition for motion graphics on websites, mobile applications, and commercial purposes.

Being an entrepreneur, you have to consider motion graphics. It is because this art form is flexible. Provides you with greater freedom.

Has no limitations. It means everything you do with motion graphics has a constant output which is excellent and highly engaging content for your target audience.

Why Does a Brand need Motion Graphics?

The contemporary trends in motion graphics are no less surprising. Motion graphics can become your brand’s strongest plus point. There are many reasons to use motion graphics for your brand.

It’s obvious! People are more inclined to get amazed by the visual content. It can be anything from animation to motion graphics and its deeper sub-forms. Motion graphics help you act as a director for your audience.

It garners a stronger bond between your brand and them. So that they can connect with you emotionally with trust.

Important Statistics about Motion Graphics

  • Motion graphics is time and budget oriented. You only need a deep consultation with the professionals which would save your expense and time even for mega projects.
  • Video-based content fetches 95% more traction on your official social media platforms as compared to textual content.
  • The visual content on Facebook receives 7-8 Million audience views alone on a regular basis. Imagine what kind of magic motion graphics can create for your content strategy.
  • A fine range of 85% of your audience remains keen and curious to know about your message hidden inside a video which compels them to pay heed to you more.
  • Motion graphics are SEO-friendly. 53% are the chances of your website’s ranking if it contains motion graphics.
  • It also helps with conversions and leads by increasing your chances by up to 300% with an effective motion graphics strategy.
  • Motion graphics are good for customer and visitor retention since they spend 6x more time on the platforms which display visual content in form of the videos.

Motion Graphics Average Price Range

Motion graphics projects do not confine to a certain price range. Not all professionals are in demand of an extremely high or low-price range in exchange for motion graphics videos.

Also, clients’ directions play a huge role in determining a fair cost.

However, the average motion graphics cost starts from $30 and ends at $330. These depend on the factors like video length, the complexity of the animations, and the types of software used to complete a motion graphics video.

Benefits of Motion Graphics

1.  Brand’s Recall

Motion graphics are viable to increase your brand’s recall. It means the goal is not only to persuade your audience. But also, to make them keep your brand remembered for many years.

You can achieve this goal through motion graphics. Your content strategy should highlight the top concerns of your audience in a friendly and nostalgic way. It helps magnify your chances to touch their hearts through the process of brand recall.

Their feedback and reviews will be encouraging to bring out more. For this reason, one of the major benefits of motion graphics to consider is your company’s recall.

2. Visual Aid

The audience is getting more and more eager as time is rushing. Their attention spans are falling shorter for the visual content. Now, they don’t have much time to invest in understanding complex ideas and product lines.

You need to grab their attention in just a few seconds. Motion graphics is the best form of visual aid for your target audience. It modifies difficult scenarios into easier ones for your audience. It only takes a few seconds to make your audience do whatever you want in a subtle way.

3. Emotional Interest

One of the important smart goals of a business should be the emotional connection with the audience. You will consider different brands following the philosophy of emotional contagion. This is the major reason for their persistent success for decades.

Motion graphics can develop an emotional interest in your audience. So that they could feel a warm relationship with your brand and its services. The visuals of motion graphics inculcate a strong message among them in form of a story.

4. Retention Rates

Digital users are inclined toward mobile phones instead of PCs and laptops. About 50%-60% of mobile users love to watch a video till the end. It is something they won’t consider reading a long-form blog post.

As technology is pacing at a huge rate, video-based content is dominating other types of content. It makes clear that motion graphics is viable to maintain customer or audience retention rates. The visual content in form of videos on Facebook gets the audience’s attention up to 130% on a regular basis.

5. Repurposing

Motion graphics is flexible to repurpose your content. You can re-use and re-implement older products and services in a new way. So that your audience keeps getting a glimpse of former items intermittently.

You can direct your content strategy to a specific group or culture in your audience. Plus, such content produced by motion graphics is vital to address different people from different corners of the world.

6. Creative Liberty

The liberty of amending and modifying motion graphics has no limits. You can make a bear sell your new product or service. It is possible with the help of motion graphics. An affordable and fun technique that creates a positive influence on your audience.

You can also combine this broad category of motion graphics with kinetic typography, cartoon animation, whiteboard animation, or even 3D animation. It further enhances the quality of the projects and collateral impact on audience interaction.

The Last Say

Motion graphics has a core significance in different domains. Its sub-branches are leading different sectors when it comes to impactful content marketing. Motion graphics is something that not only delivers a message but also leaves a deep impression on the minds of the audience.

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