BDS Degree: Career Opportunities and Potential Earnings

Crores of people sit for the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) every year hoping to get seats in any one of the MBBS programs that are offered by scores of medical colleges in our country. Out of them, only a marginal percentage of people actually get into those programs and get an opportunity to build their future as doctors.

Many of these people might not know that there is a course called BDS, which is also a medical course that qualifies students to be medical professionals just like a doctor – only for the teeth and mouth. You might be wondering if a dentist’s career is as glamorous or high-paying as a doctor and that is valid. We would say yes, it is. And if that’s still not enough assurance for you, read on to find out more in detail about what kind of career and earnings you might have if you pursue a BDS degree from one of the best BDS colleges in India.

Table of Contents

  1. BDS: Overview
    1. Eligibility Criteria
    2. Duration and Mode
  2. Higher Study Options
  3. Areas of Employment
  4. Common Job Roles and their Salaries
  5. Employment Opportunities Abroad
  6. Career Growth
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQs

BDS: Overview

The BDS or Bachelor of Dental Surgery is an undergraduate course in dentistry that is regulated by the Dental Council of India (DCI). This is the only approved dental course in the country. The focus of this course is teaching the students all about dental science and surgery while also training them to perform the same. This is done through a one-year compulsory and rotatory paid internship.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for admission to a BDS program in a dental college in Bhopal, as well as the rest of India, is as follows:

  • The candidate should be 17 years of age or more
  • The candidate should have obtained a minimum of 50% marks in their 10+2 exams
  • The candidate should have had the PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) subject combination in their 10+2
  • The candidate should have appeared for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test)

Duration and Mode

The BDS course spans 4+1 years and is taken in the yearly system. The extra year is reserved for compulsory rotatory internships where students gain experience by working under practicing dentists.

Higher Study Options

Higher studies after your BDS degree make you qualified for job opportunities with higher salaries. That is why many students often study further after completing their BDS course from a dental college in MP. Students can opt to specialize in one or more subjects of dentistry or even go for allied courses. We have listed some of the common higher education courses that BDS graduates can go for.

  • Master in Dental Surgery (MDS)
  • Master in Public Health (MPH)
  • Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Hospital Management
  • Dental Cosmetology
  • Forensic Odontology
  • Dental Product Design
  • Diploma in Dental Ceramic Technology
  • Certificate in Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Certificate in Implantology

Areas of Employment

If you complete your Bachelor of Dental Surgery at Mansarovar Dental College, a BDS college in Bhopal, for example, you will be qualified to seek employment in many areas, which include:

  • Government Hospitals
  • Private Hospital
  • Dental Practice
  • Dental Corps in Armed Forces
  • Dental Officers in Indian Railways
  • Insurance Companies
  • Dental Clinics
  • Dental Equipment Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Research Institutes
  • Dental Colleges

Common Job Roles and their Salaries

Now that we have already discussed the various areas of employment that BDS graduates can opt for, let us look in detail at some of the most common jobs and their responsibilities and expected salaries.

Job Responsibilities Average Annual Salary (INR)
Dentist Dentists work in hospitals, clinics, etc checking the oral health of patients. They perform tasks like removing tooth decay, prescribing medicines for oral problems, filling cavities, performing root canals and surgeries, etc. 4.5 Lakhs
Lecturer Teach dental students in private or government dental colleges. 5.2 Lakhs
Dental Officers in Indian Railways Perform the same tasks as dentists employed in hospitals and clinics but employed by the Indian Railways, with its various perks. 7.2 Lakhs
Researcher Perform research work on dentistry at educational institutions, research centers, or companies that are allied to dentistry. 3.4 Lakhs
Dental Officer at Indian Defense Forces Performs the same tasks as other dentists as a part of one of the prestigious branches of the Indian Armed Forces (Navy/Army/ Air Force) 8.7 Lakhs
Dental Surgeon Specializes in advice and execution of dental surgeries on top of fulfilling the role of a dentist 5.6 Lakhs
Dental Assistant Assists dentists in performing their various tasks as well taking appointments, phone calls and managing schedules 2.2 Lakhs

Employment Opportunities Abroad

Bachelor of Dental Surgery graduates from BDS college in MP can also opt to for jobs in foreign countries. Especially in Gulf countries, there is a huge demand for dentists and BDS graduates can make a pretty buck there.


Job Profile Average Annual Salary
Dentist USD 141,435
Dental Assistant USD 35,569
Dental Laboratory Technician USD 51,356
Dental Hygienist USD 61,833
Dental Office Manager USD 52,235
Dental Surgeon USD 248,837

Career Growth

The salary of a BDS graduate usually depends on factors like their specialization, employer, experience, etc. As you might have noticed, government sector employers usually offer higher starting salaries than private employers. With more and more experience under their belt, the salary of BDS graduates can increase by a lot, which we have attempted to demonstrate in the table below.

Job Name Lowest Salary (INR) Average Salary (INR) Highest Salary (INR)
Dental Surgeon in Public Sector 4 LPA 6.5 LPA 15 LPA
Dental Surgeon in Private Sector 3.6 LPA 6 LPA 12 LPA
Dentist 2.4 LPA 4.5 LPA 9 LPA
Dental Assistant 1.2 LPA 2.2 LPA 4.5 LPA
Professor 3.5 LPA 5.2 LPA 11 LPA


As you might have noticed, the career opportunities and potential earnings for BDS graduates are enormous. They can get jobs in various industries related to the healthcare space and their salaries are as good, if not better in some cases. The future of graduates from the best BDS colleges in India is quite bright if we look at their salaries.


1. What are the specializations in dentistry?

There are many specializations in dentistry like Orthodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Conservative Dentistry, etc.

2. How can I specialize in dentistry?

To specialize in any of the various specialties in dentistry, you will need to go for an MDS degree after completing your BDS.

3. How will an MBA help me after my BDS?

An MBA degree can get you into management positions in various healthcare or related sectors which come with more scope for growth and advancement in your career.

4. Which is the best dental college in Bhopal?

Mansarovar Dental College is the best dental college in Bhopal.