B ad ben game the whole process

bad ben is a critically acclaimed horror indie game. The game begins with a series of bizarre events that happened after the protagonist Thomas Riley bought the house in the sheriff’s auction. In this strange house , Thomas Riley will encounter What? Can Thomas Riley live in this house safely? You must be very curious about the final outcome of bad ben. Here is a guide to the whole process of bad ben game. If you want to know more about bad ben horror game,, please visit gametopn.com .

1. Inspect the house

player enters the bad ben game, the player can see Thomas Riley driving over to move into the house from a window in the room. After entering the house, the game plot will prompt the player to check the security system of the house. You can press the W, A, S, and D keys to control the protagonist to move. When you come to the dining table, you can find the tablet computer that controls the security system . Press the E key near the tablet computer to take the tablet into your hand.

At this time , you can press the TAB button to view the security system of each room . Players need to check whether the cameras in all rooms can operate normally . There are eight rooms on the first floor, four rooms on the second floor, and one basement. Players only You need to control Thomas Riley to walk to each room to complete the inspection.

checking all the rooms, the plot will prompt to check the basement, but the basement is locked, and the player needs to go to other rooms to find the key to open the basement .

2. Find the key to the basement

manipulating Thomas Riley to the office , you can see that there is a key on the desk. After getting the key , try to open the basement. Don’t panic when you pass the living room. There will be a huge spider in the lower right corner of the camera. When you get to the basement, the key It couldn’t be opened, so I went to look for other keys, and the camera switched to the living room. At this time, a strange doll appeared on the sofa in the living room that did not exist at the beginning.

Control Thomas Riley to the guest room on the second floor. There is also a key on the table. After getting the key , you still cannot open the door of the basement . At this time, the player will hear some movement upstairs, and when you come to the second floor , you will find that strange The doll moved to the room.

Then I came to the spare bedroom and found a box that fell to the ground. There were many keys scattered on the ground . This should be the movement made by someone just now. So many keys must not be able to open the basement. Note that there is a dark shadow in the corner of the bedroom . Sit on a chair. 

When I went downstairs, I heard the sound of breaking things from the other side of the house. I controlled Thomas Riley to find the prankster. When I came to the family room, there would be a broken urn on the ground. At this time, the power was suddenly cut off. , the scene changes to night mode, Thomas Riley is about to check the power supply, and there is a door in the stairwell that will be closed by one person. 

Then came to the spare bedroom, this time Thomas Riley would say the room was cold, go to close the window and the power will automatically turn on, the switch is in the basement, so the person who has been making trouble must also be in the basement, Thomas Riley I was very angry, and I was going to find the prankster. When I came to the living room, there were many bloodstains on the floor. There was blood on the wall: This is not your home. This bloodstain leads to the basement.

3. After entering the basement

Thomas Riley came to the basement and found that the door had opened automatically. When Thomas Riley entered the basement, the game perspective would change. The basement was very dirty and smelly. Someone should live here, but there is no one left. Thomas Riley went to repair the power supply in the basement and The camera, while the camera was being repaired, a person appeared behind Thomas Riley and was crawling towards Thomas Riley .

This weirdo attacked Thomas Riley with a stick , causing Thomas Riley to faint. After waking up, he was going to seek revenge. When he came to the office, he saw that this weirdo had been dismembered. Who did it? Thomas Riley was completely unsteady and wanted to leave this strange room, but he found that he couldn’t get out of this room.

4. The final outcome

Thomas Riley wanted to try to go out again, the camera suddenly reversed. At this time, he found a staircase leading to the attic. The picture would turn to some real scenes of bad ben movies, and then Thomas Riley could only go back to the full It is the room of the corpse, and when you go to the foyer again, there will be a lot of red people who seem to be peeled and dance at you.

This is where you can walk through the foyer, the protagonist will enter a void white area , there is no end, and there is no way to get out, after a biblical sermon, a computer appears in the white area , this computer records Thomas Riley trapped in In the days here, no matter how hard Thomas Riley crawled around , he couldn’t get out. In the end, Thomas Riley was locked up for 22 days, and he was finally able to come out, but Thomas Riley turned into the weird guy who attacked.

Thomas Riley , who turned into a weirdo, came to the window of the spare bedroom and saw a car driving over from the window, which was connected to the screen at the beginning of the game. It ‘s the end of a time loop where Thomas Riley gets lost in the white void and becomes the weirdo, and the game starts watching from the window as Thomas Riley drives up to the weirdo, the protagonist himself.

The above is the whole process of the bad ben game. If this reversal ending surprises you, come and visit gametopn.com to try the unique ending of this horror game online! This website will continue to update more horror-type web games for everyone, as well as a lot of popular mobile games and terminal game downloads, come and try it!