Attention, Model 3 Owners: These are the Best Tesla Wheels for 2023!

Of the handful of models that Tesla Inc manufactures, perhaps the one which receives the most attention and care from owners across the United States is the Model 3. Most market watchers have labelled it as the ‘more consumer-friendly‘ version of the bigger Model S.

It is not a terribly unfair comparison given that the Model 3 is positioned for mass consumption and has a lower price tag but with all the bells and whistles such an EV comes bundled with.

A lot of Model 3 owners actually look for aftermarket Tesla Wheels to further spruce up what is a gorgeous vehicle. While the factory-fitted ones are of very high quality, a bit of tinkering with more aggressive and colorful rims is not uncommon.

However, the thing is that not all wheel manufacturers have separate ranges for Tesla’s vehicles. You will have to be very careful when selecting a set of brand-new aftermarket beauties for that electric beast in your garage. This is where experts recommend you connect with established retailers who can help you along.

Perhaps a sit-down with the professionals at AudioCity USA, one of California’s largest & most prestigious outlets with a national presence, would be helpful. They also have wheel financing options.

Which rims should I consider for my Tesla Model 3?

Here are a few brands which will do the trick.

1.Halibrand Hyperkinetic HB003: Halibrand is, of course, one of the world’s oldest and largest manufacturers of aftermarket rims. In continuous operation since 1947 and based in California’s Culver City, Halibrand was the first company to introduce magnesium rims (mags, in short) to replace the traditional wire frames that was the rage.

Halibrand has been involved in advancing the entire global market of custom and aftermarket wheels and is a formidable manufacturer, often taking insights and ideas from the racing tracks.

The Hyperkinetic HB003 is one of the first models the company has openly launched to act as Tesla Wheels. The company has claimed that this specific model will suit the Model 3 like a smooth suede glove.

These are flow-formed models and are manufactured using A356-T6 aluminum alloy. This is slightly more advanced than the more common 6061 alloy that is generally considered as the industry standard.

Since the Tesla 3 is a pretty heavy vehicle, Halibrand has ensured that each rim is about 5 pounds lighter than the OE wheels that the vehicles come fitted with. There are also several customizations you can go for.

Currently available in 2 sizes – 19 and 20 inches – and only 2 finishes, the Halibrand Hyperkinetic HB003 is a great option you can go for. We prefer the anthracite finish as it matches all available Tesla 3 paintjobs!

2.Avant Garde M615 Staggered: This is our pick for the most premium Tesla Wheels currently available. Avant Garde might not be as old or as storied as Halibrand but its products speak for themselves. It was one of the first big players to specifically design a range of rims that would suit Tesla’s passenger cars.

The M615 is a standard fitment for most sports sedans and are in demand throughout the year by owners of Lexus, Audi and BMW cars which fall in the same category as the Tesla Model 3. It is manufactured using 6061-T6 aluminum and is a forged model. One great thing about these wheels is that they are available in a lot many sizes than other competitors.

The rims start at 18 inches and go all the way up to 24 inches. With more than 6 staggered models, these can hold their own if you are planning to purchase aftermarket wheels for your Tesla Roadster.

Avant Garde offers the M615 in a wide variety of finishes. You can opt for the simpler choices like chrome and black, or you can try and experiment with a bronze & gold or a grey & gunmetal finish too.

Either way, these rims will soon receive a few more options which will center around the TPMS of the Model 3. That is good news for owners!

3.Vossen HF-5: Vossen Wheels is one of the heavyweights of the industry, and it is hardly surprising that they would make the list. The HF-5, a 5-spoked beauty available in a number of finishes, is your best bet for the Tesla Model 3. Vossen’s rims are, in fact, often used by Tesla owners when they are on racing tracks. The feedback is excellent.

This specific model is noted for its lightweight but extremely durable nature, a lot more bolt patterns on offer than the previous 2 models, and the class-leading lifetime warranty on the wheel’s structural integrity the company provides.

Vossen is one of the few major players to do that. Needless to say, their rims are favored by those who are looking for both style and substance. 

The HF-5 comes in sizes between 19 and 22 inches. If you are really looking to pump up the juice-o-meter when it comes to styling your Tesla, we recommend the satin bronze finish. It’s classy!

A word on wheel financing

Note that all 3 models from the different companies are some of the most expensive rims available. When you visit a retailer like AudioCity USA of Santa Fe Springs, CA, you get a range of financing options backed by some of the country’s leading lease-purchase solutions providers.

Besides, the outlet stocks a lot more models of aftermarket Tesla Wheels from various brands too!