Apartments for sale in Lebanon

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Lebanon, either for living or to invest in real estate, you are on the right page. No doubt, the idea of investing in real estate is always good. But there are some things that you should know to make it a profitable purchase.

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Is it safe to purchase property in Lebanon?

 The property in Lebanon is attracting foreigners, investors, and locals to invest because of tremendous increases in real estate prices over the last few years. It is safe to purchase a property in Lebanon. Real estate is stable in Lebanon and is not falling in the coming years because of the recent economic crisis in the country.

 The price of the land will not drop; instead, it will increase in the coming years. The only change is that people receive payment by cash rather than checks.

Things to keep in mind when looking for apartments for sale in Lebanon:

 You should keep the following things in mind before getting a place in Lebanon.


 First, visit all the places in your mind where you want your apartment and choose the location wisely. Consider your workplace in your mind. The lesser the distance between these two places, the less will be the headache of daily travel and less usage of fuel will save your money.

Consider purchasing a place that is at a walking distance from your workplace.

Beware of hidden charges:

 Naive people who do not have any experience in purchasing and selling an apartment might not know about hidden charges. Consider asking the owner about the monthly water, gas, electricity, and internet bills. Check the recent electricity and other bills to estimate your monthly budget and if that falls in your range, then purchase the property.

Electricity and water supply:

 Ensure that the apartment you purchase has an electricity and water supply so that you do not have to invest separately to get these facilities.


 Ask neighbors about the house and the owner to ensure you buy an authentic apartment. Also, the nature of your neighbors does affect your living.

Are pets allowed in the area?

If you have a pet, and you are bringing it with you, gather all the information about if the pets are allowed in that residence or not.

Parking for your vehicle:

 Look for the place where there is a parking lot for your vehicle to avoid extra parking charges. Many apartment buildings demand additional charges for parking and security of your car.


 Is there any maintenance committee of the building you are buying your apartment in? Know who is responsible for the extra maintenance of the apartment.  Prefer a place with maintenance staff who have maintenance funds, so you do not have to pay for the maintenance funds yourself.


 Security is one of the main factors in deciding where you will have your apartment. Ask the management about who is allowed to enter the building to ensure that you will be in a safe place.


 Documents are an integral part of the ownership of the apartment. Always complete the legal documents before buying an apartment. Verify the documents from a government institute to avoid fraud.

Places to consider:

There are many apartments for rent in Lebanon, but those in Mount Lebanon, Achrafieh, Beirut, Downtown, Baabdat, Hazmieh, Biaqout, and Hamra are considered the best options. The price of an apartment depends on the location, size of an apartment, and the city.