Analysts presented detailed StormGain Review: key features

StormGain is a cryptocurrency exchange featuring a proprietary trading terminal for trading Bitcoin, Tether, and various other cryptocurrencies. Offering browser and mobile versions, it includes a referral program, loyalty benefits, and up to 12% annual returns on investment deposits.

In 2023, Traders Union published a thorough StormGain review. The platform also offers basic training, 24/7 support, Bitcoin mining with no fees, and a 10% commission on successful trades. Furthermore, the review appreciated StormGain’s user-friendly interface and robust security measures, emphasizing its suitability for traders of all levels.

StormGain: advantages and disadvantages

Traders Union conducts a comprehensive review of the well-known cryptocurrency exchange, BitMEX, discussing its various pros and cons.


  • Exchange supports trading and exchange of all major cryptocurrencies.
  • Users are provided with a complimentary cryptocurrency wallet on the site.
  • The interface is user-friendly with simple verification procedures.
  • Enhanced security measures protect data and personal information.
  • Passive income opportunities are available via deposit and mining.
  • No trading commissions were imposed.
  • Fees are only applied to profitable trades.
  • The platform is localized in major global languages.


  • The cryptocurrency exchange lacks fiat currency trading instruments.
  • Absence of hot storage solutions for cryptocurrencies.

Expert review of StormGain

TU experts thoroughly analyzed the StormGain cryptocurrency exchange and identified several key features:

  • The platform adheres to advanced European standards and ensures high-level user data security. Verification is basic without KYC procedures, which is an advantage for many users.
  • StormGain’s trading terminal is stable and its mobile version is compatible with iOS and Android. The user-friendly interface features charts with key indicators and supports scaling.
  • The service supports the trading of popular cryptocurrencies, however, there are no fiat trading tools. Users are granted free e-wallets for all cryptocurrencies.
  • The platform doesn’t feature investment-only programs. Earning opportunities via deposits and mining exist, but substantial passive income requires increased trading volume.
  • StormGain offers comprehensive training programs, making it suitable for both novice traders and professionals. There are no restrictions on trading strategies.
  • Despite the extensive review, no significant disadvantages were identified in the platform.

Analysis of the main features of this crypto exchange

TU analysts assigned the following ratings to the StormGain cryptocurrency exchange:

  • An overall score of 9 out of 10.
  • Execution of orders received an 8.7 out of 10.
  • The availability of investment instruments was rated at 9.3 out of 10.
  • The speed of withdrawals earned an 8.9 out of 10.
  • Customer support services scored 8.6 out of 10.
  • The variety of instruments offered on the platform received a high rating of 9.4 out of 10.

StormGain broker comparison 2023

Traders Union provides an in-depth comparison of this significant broker, assessing their services and unique characteristics to assist traders in making educated choices.

  • Bybit: Unlike Bybit, StormGain offers a loyalty program, and investment deposits and lacks KYC procedures, making it more user-friendly.
  • OKEx: StormGain provides free cryptocurrency wallets and a simplified verification process, unlike OKEx, which has a more complex system.
  • Binance: Binance offers a wider range of cryptocurrencies but StormGain’s free e-wallets and simplified verification offer a more streamlined experience.
  • Huobi Global: StormGain provides a simpler interface and basic verification, whereas Huobi Global features a more extensive range of offerings.
  • KuCoin: While KuCoin offers a large variety of cryptocurrencies, StormGain excels with a user-friendly interface and loyalty program benefits.

Following this analysis, it’s also essential to consider other options. For instance, understanding the Bitsgap pros and cons can provide further insight. Bitsgap stands out for its unique automated trading feature but, like every platform, it has its drawbacks, such as the lack of certain popular cryptocurrencies. This awareness aids in making the most informed choice for your trading needs.


The Traders Union review of StormGain in 2023 highlights the platform’s user-friendly interface, robust security measures, and various cryptocurrency trading options. With complimentary cryptocurrency wallets, passive income opportunities, and comprehensive training programs, StormGain caters to traders of all levels. While lacking fiat currency trading instruments, the platform’s overall performance and features received high ratings. For more detailed information and comparisons, visit the Traders Union website.