Cryptocurrency has been gaining more popularity in recent years and is getting a massive welcome among casino players. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others offer a lot of benefits when compared to the traditional method. Also, here, you can make anonymous transactions, a transaction with no fees, and also instant withdrawals.

Maxim88 is one of the most popular and famous online casino games in Singapore. The best part of the Maxim88 is that it accepts crypto payments like Bitcoin, ETH, and USDT. The players can deposit to their wallets using any of these leading cryptocurrencies. So, let’s see more information on how Maxim88 supports cryptocurrencies.

Crypto in Maxim88

Cryptocurrencies are bringing a lot of benefits to online casino Singapore, and that is why Maxim88 sets a top example on this list. In Maxim88, the players can play all slots of games anonymously using digital money.

Even you can use crypto exchange platforms like Binance and Coinbase to buy the crypto for the deposits. The best part is that Maxim88 offers extra bonuses to the players who play the game with crypto coins.

In the Maxim88 crypto transaction method, you can make the transaction faster and enable the players to reload the wagering accounts with digital currency in a matter of seconds.

All the crypto transactions in the Maxim88 platform are fully encrypted from one to other ends by Blockchain technology so they cannot be modified, edited, or manipulated. Along with this, the players can get a high security and transparency system, making Maxim88 a more reliable platform to play the game.

So, let’s discuss what are cryptocurrencies accepted by Maxim88.

Cryptocurrencies accepted in Maxim88

Maxim88 Singapore is offering crypto payment methods which means the players can deposit and withdraw money using the currency of their choice. The platform offers various levels of bonuses including exclusive promotional bonuses which offer cryptocurrency players to claim bonuses.

Now, Maxim88 accepts only Tether (USDT) and Bitcoin and the players need to deposit the crypto money before they start playing for the real money. These two coins share a major difference due to the volatility in the cryptocurrency market. So, it is advisable for the players to play using USDT and transfer their winnings to their bank accounts via USDT.

If you are planning to play the game by USDT and Bitcoin in Maxim88, so here are a few points which you need to consider.


  • If you plan to play the casino game using USDT, then remember the minimum deposit amount is USDT 10. If you deposit lesser than this, then remember you are risking losing the game
  • There will be a specific USDT address that will be given to the players who are depositing using USDT. Only USDT-TRC20 can be deposited in this address, if any other deposit is sent to this address using any other currency, then you will lose your initial investment
  • While using cryptocurrencies, safety is the most important thing. So, considering safety, you need to send USDT-TRC20 from your own crypto wallet. The deposit should not be done from another exchange, and also you need to make sure that you are not using “Maxim88” or any other gambling-related sensitive terms as a reference.


  • If you are making the transaction using Bitcoin then the minimum deposit for Bitcoin is BTC 0.005. If you deposit money less than this money, then it will result in the forfeiture of the money
  • Whatever the exchange rate mentioned is solely for the response purpose. The players will get the credit rate in accordance with the recent exchange rate, and once all the network confirmations have been received
  • You need to send only the Bitcoin to the specifically mentioned deposit address and any other transferring of funds to this address with any other currency will result in loss of the initial investment
  • Rather than transferring the Bitcoin straight from the exchange, you need to transfer the BTC from the exchange to your own crypto wallet. This is entirely for safety purpose and also don’t use any sensitive terms or numbers which is related to Maxim88

Other payment methods

One of the best and most interesting things you will find in this cryptocurrency casino is alternative methods for transactions. Other methods include online banking and bank transfer, and also the casino uses the trusted Help2Pay payment method so that the players can able to play with debit or credit cards.

While doing the transaction using the cryptocurrency, the transaction will take a few seconds to process. If the time exceeds more than 10 minutes, then you need to immediately inform the customer service department as they are available 24/7 and help the players to resolve the issues immediately.

Is it safe to play by crypto in Maxim88?

Even though cryptocurrency is getting a huge demand in the online casino market, still blockchain technology is the one that is giving the structure to the future betting market. Maxim88, an online casino in Singapore started to accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and USDT and this feature has increased the number of players playing in this casino.

It offers the safest method of transaction and the players can play the game using crypto without revealing their information. Even though, now it is accepting only Bitcoin and USDT still in the future it will pay more ways to the upcoming cryptocurrencies.

So, if you are looking for the safest  de that offers high-quality games, then Maxim88 is the most recommendable platform in Singapore and other Asian countries.

Bottom Line

Maxim88 is considered the best online casino platform to play games with cryptocurrencies. This is the most recommendable one for crypto-casino gamblers. Also, they offer great bonuses to the member of their site and along with this; they will get a frequent chance to win free bets and free spins.