All You Need to Know About Hose pipes in Kenya

Hose pipes are equipment used in different places for different purposes. Most hose pipes are used for irrigation and home use, while others are used to give a level during construction.

This article will focus on the hose pipes prices in Kenya depending on different factors which give the dimension of different pipes and their usability in various places. Several types of hose pipes are required when choosing the best ones, such as garden, suction, air, high-pressure, fire, etc.

The Factor that Determines the Price of a Hose Pipe


Performance is the key to every item used in a certain task. In this case, the hose pipes prices in Kenya will vary. For example, high-pressure hose pipes, these hose pipe will pump fluids at a very high pressure hence giving out desired performance.


Installation is a very important factor to determine since it is part of the price of the hose pipes. Some hose pipes have high installation costs, which makes the hose pipe more expensive.


There are different sizes of hose pipes. Hose pipe can differ in width or length. A long and wide pipe will have high prices.


Material influence effectively affects the hose pipes price in Kenya. The hose pipes can be made from rubber, poly pipe irrigation chloride (PVC), or polyurethane. Hose pipes made of PVC are more affordable, resistant to high temperatures, and durable, and they can run or last a bit longer. At the same time, polyurethane and rubber are extremely expensive and have high maintenance costs. Differences in the material affect the price in the entire market of Kenya.

Market trend

In this case, any change in the market will affect hose pipes prices in Kenya. One of these changes is the drop change of supply in the market which will facilitate the hiking of prices. Likewise, the increase in supply will decrease the prices of the hose pipes.

New products of hose pipes may come into the market and get recommended more than the previous ones; hence, the current hose pipes will lower their prices to remain in the market.


The brand is a big factor in determining the price of hose pipes because the most known brands have sold their hose pipes at a normal price, while less known ones will tend to sell at a lower price to capture the customers’ attention the market. This affects the price of the entire market.

Built-in nozzles

Built-in nozzles are additional features that contribute to the prices of hose pipes. There are purely plain hose pipes, and some have these additional features, automatically increasing the price of those hose pipes.


In conclusion, the hose pipes price in Kenya is affected by the following features, materials, performance of hose pipes, brand, market trend, size, and additional features such as built-in nozzles and song on. This helps the buyers to be in a good position to determine which best, most durable, and most affordable hose pipes to go by.