All about the important benefits of ABHA – Health ID Card

ABHA, or the Health Identification Card, is a 14-digit number derived from an individual’s mobile number or Aadhaar. It allows users, insurance companies, and hospitals to access and share health records digitally. Using this unique identifier, individuals can digitally receive their prescriptions, lab reports, and diagnoses report from verified doctors and health service providers. It ensures that doctors from any part of the country can easily access and share the beneficiaries’ medical records. 

With the Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Account (Health ID), the government aims to enhance the planning and budgeting of state health programs. Additionally, this system will connect hospitals across the country digitally. It’s important to note that applying for a Health ID is a completely voluntary process that is free of charge.

1.Digitalized health records 

With ABHA ID, you can digitalize your complete health record; it helps you store information paperlessly. 

Pros of digitalized medical record 

  • There will be fewer errors than paper records in a digital medical record. 
  • You can easily exchange fast and accurate information with doctors and others online (no need to worry about distance). 
  • Allows you to keep track of the health record easily, as it can be easily accessed; there is no need to waste time. Patients can check their health information at any time and from anywhere. 

2. Get better doctor consultations.

With a Health ID Card, getting better consultations from verified and qualified healthcare professionals would be easy. You can look for healthcare centres and medical professionals and share your record, to know their suggestions for different treatments. You do not have to worry about losing your medical records or gathering all of them for consulting a doctor. With the ABHA ID, they will get complete details of your health records. 

3. Safe and secure personal health record

The ABHA ID – the digital platform is built on a foundation of robust security measures and encryption techniques. So it ensures the complete safety of your health-related data. The ABHA digital card offers significant benefits, with the option to securely store and share your medical records with medical professionals only when necessary. You can determine who can view your health records by providing consent, allowing only authorized healthcare professionals to access your information. Additionally, you can retain the option to revoke your consent if needed.

4. Easy to sign up

It is easy to sign up or register for an ABHA Health ID Card, as the registration process is easy. You only need an Aadhar number to sign up to use this online platform. Alternatively, you can also use mobile numbers to start the registration. Overall, obtaining an ABHA card can enhance your healthcare experience.

5. Ability to activate, deactivate, and reactivate at any time

The Health ID Card is not mandatory and can be generated at your discretion and convenience. Additionally, it is possible to opt out of having the ABHA Address (Health ID) Card and erase your personal information easily. 

Currently, it offers the following: 

  • Deactivate the Health ID Card permanently: If you do not need it for future requirements. 
  • Deactivate the Health ID Card temporarily: This option allows you to deactivate the card temporarily, so you can reactivate the platform later (if needed). 

6. You can create a Health ID for anyone in the family– including your child

One can generate an ABHA health care for their child or any other family member. You can use a single mobile to create up to six ABHA numbers, which offers more convenience. 


The Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Account, commonly known as the Health ID Card, is an online platform that protects personal health-related information while providing a seamless experience. The government of India initiated this program with the primary objective of minimizing preventable medical errors and increasing the quality of healthcare services in the country.