AFMS Admission through NEET-UG

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has recently declared that the NEET-UG scores will be used to admit female students to AFMS (Armed Forces Medical Services) Colleges for BSc. Nursing. This announcement came as a welcome surprise for many aspirants. This has ensured that female aspirants will now require to appear for a single examination, to qualify for seats in Armed Forces Medical Service Colleges. This means that any aspirant who has received NEET coaching in Bangalore through an institute can also apply to AFMS colleges. Take a look at what we make of this announcement:

1. Less Hassle: 

The single examination will now ensure a single examination for female aspirants to qualify for AFMS colleges too. This will lead to hassle-free admission for students and hence help aspirants concentrate on a single exam. 

2. More Opportunities: 

Female aspirants will now get more opportunities to explore options at the very revered AFMS hospitals. It will also allow female aspirants to become a part of the AFMS without having to go through multiple screenings.

3. More Flexibility:

The aspirants will now also have a choice to go to AFMS colleges for pursuing their careers, at the time of counseling. This has now ensured that aspirants will also be given more choices and to choose from a list of 220 seats across 6 colleges in the country.

4. AFMS Training:

AFMS Training is known around the country for its elite level of training and coaching. Hence, female aspirants will now get to be a part of their elite training processes. 

5. Future Prospects: 

While for the time being the eligibility may be limited to female aspirants only. The future is bright for aspirants. This may be a small step, but it is a giant leap in the right direction. The AFMS colleges may also, in the future allow more number and multiple courses from their colleges. 

Here is a list of the colleges and the number of seats from each college that can be offered:

College Number of Seats
College of Nursing, CH (EC) Kolkata  30
College of Nursing, AFMC Pune  40
College of Nursing, AH (R&R) New Delhi 30
College of Nursing, CH (CC) Lucknow 40
College of Nursing, CH (AF) Bangalore 40
College of Nursing, INHS Asvini, Mumbai 40