Achieving The Perfect Look With Hairvivi Hd Lace Wigs

Why HD lace wigs?

The HD lace wigs were previously referred to as Swiss lace wigs due to their use of premium materials. The lace used in HD lace wigs is so finely crafted that it appears invisible once applied to the scalp, helping the wig blend seamlessly and appear undetectable for a more natural look.

Features of HD lace wigs

  • Much thinner than the transparent or brown lace
  • Free from itching or allergy issue
  • Generally glueless

What makes Hairvivi HD lace wigs so different?

Hairvivi’s HD Lace Wigs are crafted using only the finest 100% virgin human hair, ensuring superior quality. These wigs come in a range of lengths from 14-30 inches, allowing you to find your ideal match. Hairvivi’s HD lace wigs are built to last for over a year of use.

Here are the 4 unique techniques making Hairvivi’s wigs special:

Pre-plucked hairline

In order to achieve a natural appearance, you must pluck the hairline. This can be tailored to your preferences by using a slant tipped tweezer to remove knots in various areas and create a smooth density transition. Hairvivi’s HD lace wigs come with the pre-plucked hairline to avoid any potential damage to the wig and eliminate the need for manual plucking.

Clean bleached knots

Cleaning the knots of the wig is crucial for achieving a seamless, natural-looking installation. On the other hand, bleaching is a complicated and time-consuming process that requires precision in determining the right amount of bleach and timing. Unfortunately, success is not always guaranteed even with great care and effort. This is likely why people often express skepticism by saying “good luck with bleaching your wig!”

However, there’s no need to worry if you don’t possess the necessary skills because it is the safest and most convenient option to purchase a wig from Hairvivi that already comes with pre-bleached knots.

Premade Invisi-scalp, no wig cap needed

At Hairvivi, you can find a variety of pre-sewn fake scalp and true-scalp tapes available in four different colors. When you make your purchase, each unit will be shipped with a pre-sewn fake scalp along with two true scalp tape samples in the color of your choice.

Adjustable piano key elastic band

With Hairvivi’s piano key elastic band, you can say goodbye to the hassle of constantly adjusting your wig. This innovative band ensures a secure fit for your wig without requiring any adhesive, so you can keep it in place with ease. Additionally, the lace wig is designed to be gentle on the skin for added comfort.

3 steps to put on a HD lace wig:

  • Firstly, adjust the elastic band of the wig to your desired fit.
  • Next, carefully place the wig over your head, starting from the front hairline and working your way back. Gently adjust the wig until it fits comfortably and securely.
  • Finally, customize the hairline by cutting the excess lace to your preferred length. This step is crucial in achieving a natural look, as it allows you to create a seamless transition between the wig and your skin. Take your time and be patient when cutting the lace, as this can make all the difference in the final result.