7 Things to Look Out For When Taking Care of Paddleboards

Have you recently bought your paddle boarding tools for the outdoors? Well, having them is such an advantage, especially during the summer holidays. The paddleboards are a great watersport with which you will enjoy and have fun. However, while they are this instrumental, it is crucial to know how to take care of these paddleboards so that they can serve you long enough. Here are a few things you should consider when taking care of these paddleboards.

1. Avoid Sun Damage

While most people love to go paddling on a sunny day, it might not be beneficial if your paddle stays out in the sun for long. Most of these sports paddleboards are made from expandable polystyrene, which can get damaged by excessive sunlight. You must keep your paddleboard away from direct sunlight when not in use. Besides reducing the pressure on the fiberglass and epoxy components of the paddleboards, your paddleboards get to serve you for long. You can designate a shaded area to store all your paddleboards to avoid sun damage.

2. Keep Your Paddleboard Dry

The paddleboard is made for water or beach sport activities. Nevertheless, when you are through with paddling, you must rinse it off and dry it properly. This is because the paddleboard could get bacteria and microorganisms that may damage its surface. The damage could be even worse when you use it on salty water, which is what most of the oceans possess. Once done with the paddleboard, you must clean the board, dry it, and keep it well for your next outdoor expedition.

3. Don’t Forget the Fin

Do you know where your paddleboard’s fin is? Well, don’t worry. You are not the only one unaware of the fin. Most people get so engrossed with the paddling top surface that they forget the fin beneath. In most cases, this fin is 10” and is vital in supporting your paddling activities. For example, in shallow waters, you must paddle carefully to avoid rocks and fallen trees. These can easily break your fin and damage your paddling board’s functionality. When storing your paddleboard, remove the fin, remove any debris, and ensure the fin box is clean. With this, you can be sure that your paddleboard will serve you well.

4. Repair Any Dings or Scratches as Soon As they Occur

The best way to store something well is to ensure it is in its best state. When you need it, you will only retrieve it and head on to use it. If your paddleboard has any issues, you must fix them as soon as possible. Dents often occur when knees, elbows or other items exert pressure on the board. If you hit items with a blunt force, such as rocks, docks, and hard objects, your paddle boards nz will suffer cracks. All these reduce the lifetime of your paddleboards. To avoid this, you must repair all these issues before storing them. While some issues are small and require a quick fix, others demand higher expertise and skills. If the repairs are beyond you, you should take it to a fiberglass epoxy.

5. Get the Correct Storage Bag

Do you intend to store your paddleboard for long? Well, the best thing would be to get the correct storage bag. You can find these bags at a shop such as Cotswold Outdoor. The shop stocks different beach wear, watersport apparel, and any items you might need for your beach sporting activities. You only need to visit the website, check the available items, place your order, and have them delivered to your particular destination. With the correct storage bags, you can be sure to store the paddleboards safely and without any danger of mold or moisture-related damage.

6. Use the Paddleboard Frequently

While storing the paddleboards is a great idea to extend their lifespan, users must understand that long-term storage may cause the board’s glue to disintegrate. To protect the boards from this, you must use them from time to time. When using them, ensure that you do not drag them as this could expose them to punctures and tears.

7. Transport the Paddleboards with the Correct Roof Pads and Straps

How do you transport your paddleboards? As you can see from above, paddleboards are pretty sensitive and delicate. You must use cross bar roof pads to reduce damage when you transport them. When using the straps, you need to avoid too much tugging cautiously. Ensure that the straps are well fastened, but not too much that they cut into the board.


Paddle boarding is among the most exciting activities you can participate in during summer. Besides being readily available, the activity is often safe for most people as long as they can paddle in the water. While most people know how to use them, a good number make mistakes when storing them. We hope the above tips will help you store your boards well and enjoy the durability.

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