7 Bizarre Field Employee Tracking Facts You Need to Know

Field employee tracking has gained more attention in recent years due to the increasing number of field employees, remote work culture, and many such reasons. Field employees tracking apps are proof that technology has revolutionized in tracking someone who is away from the office, from your desk. In this blog, we are going to discuss some bizarre employees tracking facts. Before we jump to that, let’s first understand who are field employees and what are the benefits of tracking them.

Who Are Field Employees?

Field employees are the ones who work away from the office premises most of the time like client locations, or any other common meeting places. They are the frontline workers of a business who are in constant interaction with the customers. Salespeople of various businesses, service providers, construction and logistics employees, etc. are some of the examples of field employees. Their work consists of hustling between client locations for giving demo presentations, getting documents signed, and reporting updates to managers in the office.

Benefits Of Tracking Field Employees

There are many myths about tracking field employees highlighting their privacy concerns. But, the truth is that there are numerous benefits for the business and the employees if tracking is done with the right tool in the right way. Know the employees tracking facts well before you judge their performance.

The advantages it brings to your business overpower these so-called concerns for sure. That is why most of the businesses today started using field tracking software to manage their field employees.

The benefits are:

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Time & cost saving
  • Helps in payroll processing
  • Analytics & reports give deeper business insights
  • Easy allocation and prioritizing of tasks and the list goes on.

The benefits vary depending on the features of the app you are choosing for your business.

7 Field Employees Tracking Facts You Should Know

Here is a list of 7 important employees tracking facts every business should know:

  1. Field Employee Tracking Increases Productivity

This is one of the most popular employees tracking facts. If you start tracking your field employees, you will find it easy to delegate tasks based on their location. Not only that, there are instant messaging and call options in the software to send and receive meeting updates faster than ever. Hence, the employees are free from attending multiple statuses calls mid through their meetings, and they could concentrate on their next task. Thus, the overall productivity of employees will improve.

  1. Businesses Using FSM Software Has Higher Customer Retention

Businesses using Field service management (FSM) software have 42% higher customer retention than others who don’t. Customer retention is one of the crucial factors that decide the success of your business. FSM software not only tracks your employees but also manages your leads and customers’ data. Data analytics plays an important role in the strategic decision-making process.

  1. Safe & Secure Tracking Is Possible Without Any Data Leakage

For employee tracking, first, the database is established with all the work-related information of the employees. Due to this, many employees think that the information may be misused if it gets leaked. But the employee tracking apps encrypt all the data and stand safe against all forms of threats and breaching.

  1. Location Tracking Improves Your ROI

Live location tracking and route tracking will allow businesses to know the distance traveled by each field employee accurately. This will help to cut down the fuel costs and exact reimbursement will be given to employees easily based on the records. While employers focus on unnecessary cost-cutting today, this is one of the employees tracking facts that every business needs.

  1. Transparent Tracking Boosts Employee Morale

Another lesser-known fact on employee tracking is that if the business is clear about the objectives of tracking and conveys it to the employees as well, then the employees’ morale gets improved. It builds a strong trust between them as well. A healthy relationship is also formed between the business and the employees.

  1. Employee Tracking Reduces Workload

Allocating work based on the employee’s location and the latest task update will avoid work overload. With FSM apps, you are at ease with delegating appropriate tasks to the employees. As a result, employees will be more involved and enthusiastic at work.

  1. Employee Records Serves As Legal Proof

If and when a legal conflict arises between employers and employees regarding salary, reimbursement, or any such issues, the employee records stored in employee tracking apps can be used as solid proof. It acts as evidence for the employees’ total working hours, distance traveled, login and logout times, etc.

Summing Up

A business can reap maximum benefits from a field force management software if they are clear with their goals and choose the right app that suits their business needs. Hope the above employees tracking facts gave you a clear view of what are the benefits of using FSM apps. The employees facts listed above are based on the visible results the businesses experienced after using it. One such app is Lystloc with amazing features like live tracking, task management, meeting notes, customized reports, etc that will help your business grow. Think of using an employee tracking app for your business too.