5 Ways to Maximize Living Room Space within 1 Lac

Want to change the look of your living room with a minimum budget of 1 lac? This is the guide you should read if you are on a budget. As a seasoned architect in Lahore, I believe that living room transformation should always have to be grand. Sometimes, it really is the little things that make the most impact. Being the central hub of your house, your living room demands more attention than any other area.

Maximising this space can enhance the seating, storage, and peaceful living experience. However, the challenge remains to stick within the budget. This is why we bring you creative and effective solutions for budget-friendly renovation. This blog will peek at our completed project renovation in Lahore. Let’s explore various strategies and ideas to help you maximise your living room space while working within a budget.

Add Smart Wall & Flooring

The right flooring and wall solutions can make a significant difference when creating an open and spacious environment. Here are the ideas you can use:

  • Wall mouldings: While these may seem like minor details on the wall, they add architectural features and create a spacious outlook for your living room. Opting for crown mouldings can create an illusion, making the room look taller and spacious without renovation.
  • Vinyl Stickers: Instead of replacing the entire flooring, vinyl floor stickers are a budget-friendly alternative for living room décor. With these stickers, you can achieve any look within an affordable budget. These floor stickers come in a variety of patterns. Choosing designs with light-coloured patterns can make your room look larger and spacious without crossing the budget line.


Remodeling existing furniture is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new pieces. It allows you to minimise expenses while achieving a refreshed and spacious outlook. To better utilise space, you can adapt the furniture setup in the living room by changing the size, shape, colour, and functionality to create a more open and spacious atmosphere.

The best type of furniture is the one that elevates the colour profile of the room as well, such as bright colours with industrial interior design and wood and brown colours with neo-modern and Victorian house design.

Strategic Lighting

Lighting has a significant impact on how people view a room. Many times, a spacious area feels congested due to restricted lighting. When rightly used, light can completely transform the ambience, mood, and visual appearance.

Well-lit and bright areas appear more spacious than warm and dim lighting. Moreover, strategically placed artificial lights can highlight specific areas and draw attention away from limitations in space. For that purpose, colour lighting in the living room is ideal for the perception of space in a room. Also, use LED lights for different light perception as they are less expensive, more malleable and easy on energy bills.

Choose Light Color

Choosing light paint is one of the most dramatic and convenient ways to transform the entire outlook of your living room. However, it is widely believed that having an accent wall adds a statement touch to your room. But wait! Here’s the moment of truth. Bold and bright colours make the room appear enclosed rather than spacious.

Thus, make sure to opt for light, neutral, and beige accents for a fresh, spacious, and transformed outlook that matches the ongoing trend of minimalistic home décor. You can get design and paint colour ideas from sites like Pinterest or ask an interior designer for a custom-fit colour profile for your room.

 Clever Storage Solutions

Apart from modification, reducing clutter is another excellent way to improve the outlook of the living room. This may include removing wire cords and extra furniture to make the walkways more accessible and convenient.

Utilising the vertical space method and opting for dual-purpose furniture with built-in storage are some of the intelligent storage solutions for the improved outlook of the living room. Recently, due to the influence of social media, the Chinese cleaver storage methods are also getting traction.

Although this may seem impossible, given the inflation and ongoing material costs, there are always economical solutions to big projects. As an architect in Lahore, I have learned that the makeover of a space is always better when you take the trip to market yourself. This way, you discover new materials, economical alternatives, better furniture, and paint ideas. Lahore has such solutions, and finding the best fit will not be difficult.

Also, find an architect and an interior designer for your custom-fit design, as some things don’t fall into the DIY category. So always know that a designer makes things better, clean, and sleek way which lasts long.