5 Tips Home Renovation in Singapore

For anything, the first time might be challenging such as your very first bicycle ride or the initial romantic encounter. And the interior design is the same. You’re considering designing your first house right now, but how? You can feel anxious and seek assistance from Google because of the uncertainties and lack of knowledge around Singaporean house improvement. Not to worry! We’ll give you five design pointers to help you design the house of your dreams.

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5 interior design pointers for Singaporean home renovation

#01 – Find the focal point

Start by posing a few questions to yourself. The spatial orientation is how is it? Does the view look beautiful when you glance out? Where is the best source of light? What draws attention? Find the “largest” and most eye-catching aspects in your property. Then, think about the large windows that offer the ideal setting against which to position your plan.

Find the focal point

You want to enjoy your focus for a very long time at the conclusion of the day. Therefore, while using the area, pretend that you are in the room and make sure that you are facing it. There are various ways to focus. Honoring them as the home’s assets while hiding or minimizing its flaws.

#02 – Elements?

Instead of simply functional and utilitarian items, consider your furniture to be sculptural works of art that convey a narrative. There is no compromise whether deciding on function over beauty or the other way around. A home can be both functional and beautiful by striking a fair balance between the two.


Are elements important?

Given that we spend so much time at home, it makes sense to spend money on a sofa that is both practical and comfy. But match it with accent chairs or unique side tables to create variation and improve the room’s aesthetic attractiveness. Or accent commonplace home and lifestyle things like a lovely vase or an eye-catching marble tray.

#03 – Lighting

One of the most frequently forgotten aspects of home design is lighting. The absence of light, though, can significantly alter your space. Your attitude and even a room’s overall size can be impacted by lighting. It is essential for any design space because of this. The ambience in your room can be drastically altered by the correct lighting. It can complement the colors you use in your design and perhaps serve as a helpful way to identify different rooms in your house. To generate aesthetic and utility, lighting designs often fall into one of three categories. General lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting are all part of it.


Simply said, general lighting illuminates the majority of a space and makes it visible. A work light is a sort of lighting that makes it easier to do close-up tasks, such reading, crafting, or cooking. Finally, accent lighting is employed to alter the ambiance and mood of your room. It is one of the most challenging types of lighting to design properly since it is utilized to transmit light to a focal point in the room, which adds ambiance and drama. We entered because of this. The design advice in this article will teach you how to effectively light the rooms in your house.

#04 – Styling

Modern design is defined by natural materials, a monochromatic color scheme, clean lines, minimalism, and natural light. In particular, it refers to a historical artistic trend that existed in the early to mid-20th century.

The rules of simple, free, and asymmetrical spatial item and shape organization are frequently followed in modern interior design. In light of this, classical architecture is no longer chosen in favor of materials like glass, concrete, steel, etc. Modern design uses natural materials, earth tones, and the elimination of extraneous details in furniture and décor. Modern style will be monochrome even if contemporary style may use a lot of color.


Therefore the way you decorate is the same as dressing and styling yourself. Everything in your room may be designed and carefully considered.

#05 – Beautiful v.s Ugly

Not every item that is used for style needs to be brand-new. By varying elements, some of the best compositions are created. Consider combining a $3,000 antique with a $10 flea market bargain, for instance. Consider alternatives to traditional retail: investigate different sources, visit a thrift store to find gently used products, and create your own collection of things you adore and value.

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