5 things you should know about curly wigs


When it comes to wigs, what is your first impression? Straight wig? Or a wig for curly hair? How much do you know about curly hair wigs?

This article lists 5 things to know about curly hair wigs. Whether you know about wigs or not, you can read this article carefully. This will improve your understanding and awareness of curly hair wigs.

Styles of curly wigs

Curly wigs can be subdivided into many styles. From the size of the curl, we can divide the curly wigs into large curly wigs and small curly wigs. Large curly wigs include body wave wig and loose wave wig. Medium curly wigs include deep wave wig, water wave hair wig, wet and wavy wig. Small curly wigs include afro curls wig.

In general, deep wave wigs and water wave hair wigs are the most common and relatively easy to style. If you prefer a little more volume, I recommend buying a deep wave wig. If you prefer a loose and free feel, then the water wave hair wig will give you more wavy style.

Types of curly wigs

From the structure of the wig, there are many different types of curly wigs.

l  Curly headband wig

If you love sports and need curly hair wigs suitable for sports, then curly headband wigs will be a good choice. The elastic headbands of the Headband wigs will provide you with extra traction to help you resist the bumps that come with exercising. When you wear headband curly wigs, you don’t have to worry about your wig coming off due to movement.

l  Curly frontal lace wig

If you’re looking to show off your natural hairline, the curly frontal lace wig is for you. Lace is a thin and slender material. When lace covers your scalp, it will appear to blend into your skin. Therefore, the curly frontal lace wig will provide you with a natural hairline in a 13×4 area. Generally speaking, the curly frontal lace wig is suitable for you to use in important occasions.

l  Throw on and go wig

If you hate glue, throw on and go wig is the answer you’re looking for. The throw on and go wig developed exclusively by luvmehair has very beautiful curls. More importantly, its installation is extremely simple, convenient, fast, and does not require any glue assistance. If you are new to wigs then throw on and go wig will be perfect for you.

l  Curly closure wig

If you want to have lace and want to avoid glue, then glueless lace wig—-curly closure wig will meet your needs. Due to the small lace area of the curly closure wig, it enables glue-free installation. In addition, the 4×4 inches lace area also allows you to achieve a natural mid-cut hairstyle.

Material of curly wigs

People usually don’t notice the materials used in Curly wigs. But in fact, the material of curly wigs will have a very important impact on your wig experience. Specifically, I’m referring to the texture of the hair used by the curly wigs.

Generally speaking, curly wigs can be divided into human hair curly wigs and synthetic curly wigs according to the material. The Synthetic curly wig has a big price advantage. In other words, synthetic curly wig will be much cheaper than human hair curly wig. But it’s important to note that while the human hair curly wig is expensive, it’s worth it. Because human hair curly wigs have a much longer lifespan than synthetic curly wigs and look more natural.

Normally, I would recommend that you buy a human hair curly wig. But if you only need to use the wig once or twice, a synthetic curly wig would be a more economical option.

How to maintain curly wigs?

The maintenance of Curly wig is a bit more complicated than that of straight wigs. This is because curly hair wigs are more prone to knots and frays than straight hair wigs. Therefore, you need to be more careful and gentle when maintaining the curly wig.

The maintenance steps of curly wigs can refer to the following points:

  1. Before maintaining the curly wig, it must be washed with clean water and shampoo with maintenance function. If your curly wig is knotted, you should use a wide-tooth comb to comb it. Note that combing the curly wig with a wide-tooth comb after shampooing will make it easier to fix knots.
  2. The cleaned wig needs to be carefully smeared with conditioner, and let it sit for fifteen minutes to allow the curly wig to fully absorb nutrients
  3. After the curling wig has absorbed the conditioner, rinse off the excess conditioner with lukewarm water
  4. Put the cleaned curly wig in a cool place to dry naturally. Try to avoid using a hair dryer or sun exposure.