5 reasons why money is flowing like a river

Many modern people notice that even an increase in income does not allow them to save more money than before when incomes were lower. This is due to not having the most responsible attitude to their spending. As a result, modern statistics show that every 4th inhabitant of the European Union is at risk of poverty, and the situation in the US looks even more depressing. Approximately a third of American adults and financially wealthy have debts on loans that equal or exceed the amount of savings. How to deal with the problem of impending poverty? It is necessary to change the approach to the use of money so that it is accumulated and not washed out of the family budget.

Credit cards

Many have noticed that paying with a credit card for even a large purchase is easier than when using cash. For this reason, it is better to switch to using cash to make spontaneous purchases less acceptable. Each purchase brings a certain pleasure to a person, so it is not surprising that online shopping is so popular. The reason is that a person feels euphoria from his purchase at the time of order, and will pay only at the time of delivery. If a card is used, then the lack of interaction with real funds leads to a decrease in the sharpness of the feeling of loss of funds.

Financial experts recommend leaving small amounts on the card to buy goods in a supermarket or pay for transport, and cash out and store most of the income in the form of fiat currency. Of course, for this, you will have to visit an ATM once again, but the site https://parimatch.in/blog/en/diwali-online-games/, where the most popular gambling games are collected, will pass the time during the walk. Diwali is well-deservedly popular due to the simplicity and great experience that the game gives. You can test your luck in it at every opportunity.

Separate accounts

A modern person usually distributes his expenses into several categories:

  • food;
  • public Utilities;
  • payment for a parking space.

At the same time, it is often possible to find a situation where incomes are not standardized in this way. All funds received are transferred to the free fund’s section, which is then used to buy small items or pay for entertainment. A more rational solution would be to divide the funds received into some areas, which will reduce the number of free funds to an acceptable minimum, avoiding serious expenses.

Special cases

Spontaneous spending occurs not only during the purchase of a variety of goods on the Internet or in supermarkets. A loved one’s birthday, corporate event, or friend’s wedding anniversary can be just as taxing on your monthly budget. For this reason, it will be rational to open a gift account, to which a certain amount will be deposited every month. In this case, it will be possible to avoid a situation where funds are spent from other categories, which creates a negative precedent. The gift fund can be saved for several years, or “reset” during the New Year holidays, using the remaining unspent funds at your discretion.

Short term interests

Purchasing goods according to personal interests has its advantages. At the same time, it can be seen that many such acquisitions are fleeting and thoughtless. For this reason, you need to make a habit of analyzing each acquisition and its relevance. Some things, such as musical instruments, are better to rent until the person is sure that they will use them regularly after training.