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Are you finding tips on improving handwriting for your kids? Is your child not getting good marks due to weak handwriting? If so, this blog is just for you! Good handwriting is a great skill that guides a child in the long run. Not just this, following improving handwriting tips will also help in boosting a child’s focus, memory, and spirit as well as hand and eye coordination.

A kid’s disorganised writing is very noticeable from a very young age (preschooling). So, it is ideal to guide children with appropriate handwriting ways. Bubbles Junior School especially focuses on handwriting activities for preschoolers. Here, your child not only gains knowledge, and good manners but also undergoes personal development that also covers handwriting skills.

In case, you are searching for tips on improving handwriting for your child, then continue reading the following. Let’s get started!

The Importance Of Writing Skills

Improving handwriting helps in becoming a better communicator, as well as helps in improving your reading, which is another important skill. It further enhances focus and guides students to develop eloquence. Once handwriting is improved at an early stage, it becomes a quality that sticks through life and therefore, it is ideal to develop handwriting skills at an early stage in school.

Top 5 Improving Handwriting Tips For Kids

Are you wanting to make handwriting more attractive and attention-seeking? Wishing for good handwriting in English? Below we have shared 5 best tips on how to improve handwriting for kids.

1. Use the Right Stationary

Using the right pencil or pen is one of the key steps to improving a child’s handwriting. Thick or thin pencils can make it difficult for a child to write. Furthermore, the pen or pencil must be of the right size that fits in the kid’s hands to hold it correctly and write with a flow. Kids in preschool have less grasping power. In that case, you can give your child a crayon pencil for a better grip. Beginning with thick pencil and then later on shift it to regular pencils. Moreover, not only focus on pen or pencil but also make sure the notepad is of the best quality and your child is comfortable with it.

2. Right Grasp & Hand Position

Hand position and right grasp are very crucial elements for drafting good handwriting. Wondering is good handwriting important for kids? Yes, it is! Most parents don’t give attention to their child’s handwriting and this may be troubling in senior classes. A child may end up losing marks. Therefore, focus on your kid’s handwriting skills and ensure the kid holds a pencil in a tripod grasp. Meaning, the pencil, thumb and index finger should make a triangular shape. And the small ring finger should curl inside the palm.

To improve this tripod shape method, you can make your child use crayons and scissors. Or make him thread beads on the strings, build connecting blocks on paper, and use clothespins and tweezers to pick up items. As well as try finger painting activity to promote better pencil holding grip. It’s ideal to develop better pencil grasping habits so that they become confident to display their handwriting to others.

3. Writing At The Right Speed

Writing at the right speed is important. When kids write fast or slow, they lose monitor over the accuracy and make errors. Whereas, slow writing speed can cause a loss of interest. Speedy writing will slow down the work when they are made to read and edit each sentence immediately post writing it.

So, to reduce this error, you can make your kid spend time editing all his letters and encourage him to write properly the first time. Keep an eye on your kid’s first pace and work on improving it, allow him to write the best-looking letters. Regular practice is the key. Make it a habit, to let your kid write a page daily and gradually notice the improvement.

4. Consult Teachers

The best practice to improve a kid’s handwriting is to involve his/her teachers. Teachers can help you identify issues with the kid’s handwriting. They will also guide you with proper handwriting practices as teachers have a great experience.

5. Observe Posture

It’s not necessary to aim at the final product. Observe your kid’s posture while he/she writes. At times, the pencil grip is not right, or the kid may be putting in a lot of pressure. Therefore, it is better to observe yourself and your kid while writing. Further, it will assist you to find the exact reason behind bad handwriting.

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To Conclude

Improving handwriting activities should be imparted to every kid at an early stage. Hope the above tips help you in improving your child’s handwriting. Bubbles Junior School has teachers who especially focus on kids’ overall improvement in terms of education, writing and personal development. For more details click here