5 Best MuleSoft Training and Online Courses

There are plenty of organizations that have suffered for long trying to manage their requests and processes. The main reason has often been attributed to lack of resources or adept technologies and tools. Their search for the right technology ended with MuleSoft, and they made the most of it by hiring MuleSoft professionals.

In 2018, Salesforce took MuleSoft under its wing and since then, MuleSoft growth has boomed. Moving towards a career in MuleSoft is one of the best choices you can make today. The first step is this blog as we give you the names of the five best MuleSoft training and online courses.

Let’s begin with an often-asked question – what is MuleSoft.

What is MuleSoft?

MuleSoft is a leading software company that provides plenty of pre-built APIs, suitable for different types of systems and applications. Every MuleSoft API is organized in the network, along with different role allotments.

This integration platform connects enterprise and SaaS applications on premise and in the cloud. It also aids in unlocking data across legacy cloud apps, devices, and systems, along with offering top connected experiences for end-users.

5 Best MuleSoft Training Online

Earning a MuleSoft certification is highly beneficial for anyone looking to make a successful future with the aid of this platform. However, to earn it, you will have to take the help of one of these best MuleSoft training and courses online. Here is a list of the leading ones that you can choose from.

  • MuleSoft Training | Mule 4 Course Online by igmGuru

The curriculum for MuleSoft Training | Mule 4 course by igmGuru has been carefully curated for developers and architects. Professionals who wish to learn everything about utilizing the Anypoint Platform to build APIs and integrations should certainly look into this course.

This MuleSoft course is your opportunity to learn the most in-demand skills from industry experts and build your career with this platform. Choose from a self-paced course or an instructor-led class as per your availability and preference.

  • MuleSoft Mule ESB from Scratch by Skillshare

Skillshare’s MuleSoft ESB course is for beginners who want to learn from scratch. It is a great platform for those with no prior knowledge or understanding of the field. Hence, it is a great course for beginners with a zest to pick MuleSoft platform as their career building block.

Learn to build an app network with Anypoint Studio and API-led connectivity. This course is apt to learn the uses of flow designer and central repository, and all other necessary aspects of this platform.

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  • MuleLearning Certification Program by MuleSoft

MuleSoft provides various learning programs for people belonging to different knowledge and experience backgrounds. Hence, you get to choose the one that fits the best with what your knowledge is and go along with that.

Here, you get to learn from professionals in a hands-on learning setting. Learn to build, secure, manage, monitor, deploy, and design an app with API-led connectivity. Demonstrate your skills to earn a certification too.

  • Ultimate MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect Course – MCPA by Udemy

Udemy is a learning platform that is known for its plenty of courses and one of them is this MuleSoft Certified Architect course. Directed towards aspiring MuleSoft architects, you will learn to build effective cloud architectures and app networks on MuleSoft Cloudhub.

This is your opportunity to become a professional MuleSoft Platform Architect. Learn from professionals to clear the associated exam and earn a key certification.

  • MuleSoft Training by Mindmajix

This course by Mindmajix will give all aspiring professionals the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge on the Anypoint platform. This knowledge and the skills you gain will help you become proficient in developing integrations and APIs. You are offered a couple of learning options to choose from.

Learn to build, design, govern, and manage APIs with the aid of the Anypoint platform. Prepare for the MuleSoft certification exam by learning from professionals.


Choosing the best MuleSoft training course is something you should divert your focus towards. A good course is the opening you need to learn from industry experts and grow your career with the MuleSoft platform. Gain knowledge with the best and enhance your chances of becoming the best.

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