4 ways to improve your house security monitoring in Las Vegas

Do you want to go on a safe vacation, spend a lot of time away from home, have children who have schedules to keep, or have a lot of people coming through your home and you don’t have a way to monitor what’s going on? We know how it feels to be anxious about who or what might happen in your home while you’re away, and the fear is totally justified since we’re talking about not only a home but your entire investment and the people you love. 

But it’s no use stressing out without thinking of a solution, and that’s why today we’re going to bring you a few tips and recommendations on different security methods so you can stay outside feeling safe. Let’s get started! 

Monitor any door with a smart camera

You’d be surprised how many people use security cameras to prevent people from entering their home, not even to record what’s inside, it would just be a deterrent way to avoid bad experiences. A 24-hour surveillance is proven to keep even the staff inside your home from letting their guard down, so it’s perfect if you’re feeling like you need to put some authority in your physical absence. 

Try to always have an external camera, or an internal camera, in case you have a smart door, it would be excellent to combine all of these security systems into one system that is managed by a smart device from wherever you are via wifi or signal. For example, if someone enters your home unauthorized the smart lock will send a direct signal to your device while you have the advantage that everything is being recorded. 

 Use a smart lock to make sure your door stays locked

If the above idea can’t work for you because you haven’t done the installation of a smart lock, then you better prioritize this system with all the entrances of your house. You see, a lock that is remotely operated along with a small peephole can give you the remote authorization to open and close the door and determine exactly who the people are inside in your absence. 

This can help you a lot with legal cases where evidence gaps do not allow you to find a culprit. If something happens in your home and you have an identification system or only a few people know the key, you have a much clearer path to solve the problem. 

Install door and window sensors

What are you waiting for? In addition to making it a priority to keep your window locks up to date, adding a sensor in case someone manages to break them could help you prevent a mishap before it happens. Imagine you’re away from home and you receive a break-in signal from your smart home system, and all you would have to do is send a patrol car to the area or alert your neighbors. 

These types of systems can also be squared with a smart lock on the doors. 

Upgrade your home

This is the best advice we can currently give you, invest in security systems and new technologies that will help you keep your assets safe while you are not inside your home. Smart locks with alarms, security cameras with motion sensors, and even smart selection of who attends your home is enough to make you feel more secure in your home.