4 Ways to Earn Money on TikTok 

As one of the most-used social media channels with over 1 billion active users, TikTok is the most powerful platform to engage your followers. Not only can you expand your audience but also earn money from this platform. Although it’s a relatively new platform, for many creators working on this platform is a full-time job that can bring income. And what is great about this platform is that you earn money without having a huge number of followers. And the most crucial component is to be creative and authentic to attract the users of this channel.

Four pieces of advice to monetize your TikTok account

It’s true that earning on TikTok is an achievable thing, but before building your unique and authentic voice, you should have strategies for making cash. Your main job is speaking to TikTok audiences and creating great short videos that are tailored to their interests. And we suggest four ways to help earn money thanks to these videos.

1. Partner with brands and create sponsored content

One of the easiest and simple ways to earn money on TikTok is to start collaborations with brands and promote their products. You can create one sponsored post or share a series of promotional content. It is beneficial for companies as well, thanks to organic posts. More than that you can grow your audience, but also have potential customers who trust your recommendations. 

There are two crucial factors when working with the brand. First, promote the brand that is relevant to your niche and shares your values too. Also, collaborate with the brand that you trust and prefer, and use their products yourself. Otherwise, you will lose the trust of your followers.  

2. Sell your products and merchandise

It can be beneficial to promote others’ products, but more than you can create your own products and sell them on TikTok. It includes merchandising your product. Create videos telling your own product’s benefits and include a link that will lead people to the end goal, which is purchasing. 

You can sell basically everything from physical items like T-shirts or photos to ebooks and online courses. To find ideas, check what your customers are interested in creating pools. Like other platforms, TikTok also has an eCommerce feature, where you can sell your own products by creating in-feed videos and Live broadcasts.

You can also create crowdfunding videos that will promote your crowdfunding campaigns. 

3. Build affiliate programs

If you are already collaborating with other brands and promoting them try affiliate programs to earn money. The process works the same as in other platforms, you put affiliate links in the bio or caption, and you receive a commission for every sale that your followers make.

As in the case of working with brands, choose affiliate programs that tailor your audience’s needs and companies that are credible. Also, to create engaging videos to influence people to follow affiliate links and code and buy the products. Whether it is a real estate chatbot or other solution, you can promote it and build successful affiliate programs.

4. Run TikTok ads

Besides organic growth, you can monetize your account through Tiktok ads. Its advertising system lets you run ads on TikTik videos. This platform suggests different types of ads that work only for certain types of accounts.

One type of ad is in-feed videos, which users see on For You page. Brand takeover lets your ad expand to the width of the whole screen for a few seconds. Then it becomes an in-feed video ad.

To encourage user-generated content, create hashtag challenges that appear in the Discovery section on TikTok.s. 

Final thoughts

It will be a mistake not to use the great opportunities that TikTok gives to make a living and earn money. There are different ways, and in this article, we discussed four of them. You can work with brands or participate in affiliate programs to monetize your account. Or you can sell your own products or run ads to earn money. Any monetizing way you try, remember to have clear strategies and be authentic.