4 Ways to Boost Likes On Instagram 

If you are a famous brand or small B2B business, or a creator who wants to develop your personal brand, Instagram should be your number one priority. As trying to create your presence on this platform, your goal is to send your message to as many followers as possible. 

How to get increased likes on Instagram

But achieving high engagement and getting more likes on Instagram isn’t as easy as it may seem. You should properly plan your posts and stores to get likes. Here we will discuss the ways that will increase your likes on this famous platform. 

1. Have great captions 

There is a great chance that you prepare high-quality visual content, now it’s time to hook people’s attention with written words too. And for that, you can not only solve the problem of how to get more followers on Instagram but also gain great engagement in the form of likes.

To give your photo context, you should create complete captions. Any kind of content you publish needs to have an interesting caption that can include emojis or hashtags. 

2. Follow latest trends

Being aware of the hottest topics and trends can give you a competitive advantage. Carefully listen to what interests your followers, and create a post around that topic to have viral content.

Don’t stop there, and try to increase the overall engagement to get more likes. You can ask your followers questions and inspire them to answer them. This way, you can gain more likes, but also shares too. Remember that when you promote your healthcare chatbot or another tool, following fresh trends helps your growth as a brand. 

3. Post amazing visual content

It is not a secret that Instagram is a place where visual content is leading. Photos and infographics are still crucial, but video content is killing social media, and Instagram isn’t an exception. Short and unique reels on Instagram definitely can bring numerous likes. It’s a great idea to use a social media video maker for creating significant video content. 

This tactic works regardless visual content is for a business account for a company or an influencer promoting other brands’ products. For long-term goals, you should create your brand’s visual identity that will build trust with your audience.

4. Use hashtags

To interest people, you should help people find your post quickly. Find the relevant hashtags to gain more likes. What is important to consider is that your hashtags should express your post’s message. Don’t forget to insert hashtags on your bio too. Remember, when the Instagram algorithm shows and promotes your account to the followers, it gives them your brand credibility. In that case, not only can you get more likes too, but you also increase your sales. And for that, research and find the right hashtags and help your potential audience to be familiar with your brand.


Instagram has an enormous number of active users, and both influencers and influencers strive to connect with and engage them.

You should have a strategy and plan for how you should get more likes too. Here we offered you ways how to accomplish that objective. Following them, you should have high engagement and especially increase your sales too.