4 Types of Performers You Should Hire for Your Club

Clubs are one of the most important businesses because they give people a chance to cut loose, have fun, and meet new people.  Unfortunately, running a club can be difficult, especially if it’s newer and you’re trying to bring in new customers.

Instead of handing out fliers or doing a ‘women drink free’ event: consider hiring live performers to come and entertain!  Not only will they keep your guests excited, but they’ll also ensure that you never have to struggle to get people in the door again.

Why a Live Performance?

Some clubs don’t see the point in live performances and instead try to get away with simply connecting someone’s Spotify to a BlueTooth speaker.  Don’t fall for this trap just because it’s cheap!  Live performers may be costly, but they ensure that your club is exciting and interesting regardless of what day of the week it is.  

Live performers bring in more people, get them to spend more money, and help them stay longer.  This ensures that you’ll never run out of customers and your club will be a success in no time.

Drag Queens

Drag queens are made for club entertainment.  They’re bigger-than-life personas and incredible ability to entertain just by existing, ensuring that you’ll never run out of ways to use them in your club.

Don’t expect Drag Race drama; these performers are professional, and although they’re fun and exciting, they’re able to put on a business face and get things done.  Look for drag performers who fit the vibe of your club, whether it’s a country club or a dance club, and expect to have fun!

Creative DJs

Hiring a DJ is the best way to ensure your club stays in motion and guests get the most out of their visit.  You can find a huge assortment of different genres and languages, from a Spanish DJ to one that specializes in early 1990s music; there’s no end to your options.

When hiring, ask for videos of their previous performances to ensure they’re a good match.  Although most DJs know how to put on a show, some will slack and leave your club feeling quiet and boring.  

Celebrity Impersonators

Celebrity impersonators are incredible performers that will surprise you every time.  Able to be any character they want to turn into, these impersonators work hard to keep crowds entertained and having a good time.  

This type of performer can be combined with drag queens or DJs and EDM artists, depending on what type of performer they are, but their presence will ensure that your guests will want to take as many pictures and videos as possible.

EDM Artists

Electronic dance music artists are different from DJs because they produce the music that they play.  Similar to groups like Daft Punk, these performers put on an incredible show by creating the music live and mixing and remixing it until you’re left with an incredibly unique performance that couldn’t be replicated.  This is the best type of music for clubs because it keeps people in motion and having fun. 

There’s Nothing Like a Live Performance

Consider hiring one of these types of professionals for your club soon!