3 Ways to Effectively Deal With Negative Customer Reviews

No matter what type of business you are in, there will always be customers who are dissatisfied with something. It is unlikely that anyone will trust a company if there is nothing but positive information about it on the Internet. Criticism is normal, because it usually highlights problematic issues that need solutions. That being said, an abundance of negativity will have a serious impact on a brand’s image, which in turn leads to a decrease in profits. Statistics prove how great the impact of reviews is on reputation: comments with 1 or 2-stars lead to lower conversion for 86% of clients.

In most cases, the decision to purchase from or work with a brand is made after studying information on the Internet. For 85% of buyers, online reviews are as important as personal recommendations from friends. And to form a final opinion, they need to read an average of at least 7 reviews.

According to the experience of Reputation House, customer reviews in a negative tone cause significant damage only if they are completely ignored by the company. In this case, when searching for information, buyers would see only negativity and a lack of attempts by the company to somehow improve the situation. It is also worth considering that people tend to share negative opinions more often than talk about the merits of goods or services. Therefore, it is very important to take control of the information field so that reputation and reviews work synergistically.

Reputation House: Betting on an Integrated Approach

Due to the fact that the formation of customer opinions occurs mainly through the internet, the main task of any business is to ensure that verified and up-to-date information is displayed in search results. It is necessary to work with the top 10 results, because only 5% of buyers go to the second page of search results.

Using SERM, Reputation House helps to displace negativity from the first page and increase the company’s rating on various resources. One important point: increasing your Yelp rating by just 1 star leads to an increase in profits by as much as 9%. Reputation House has more than 10 years of experience in reputation management, as well as working with artificial intelligence technologies and proprietary software, all of which allow the agency to find solutions even in the most difficult situations.

When implementing SERM, Reputation House usually works with three main tools:

  • Monitoring and response.
  • Creating product cards and then filling them with positive content.
  • Preparation and placement of articles on related resources and in the media.

These tools can be used independently of each other, but the greatest effect can be achieved with an integrated approach. Work with reviews and reputation is carried out taking into account the current situation with the image of your company, as well as the goal set for the agency. An individual approach is one of the key components of success, because proper work with opinions in the online space helps restore and maintain your reputation.

Monitoring and Response

Not everyone is solely interested in the positive aspects of a particular product. They want to know about their shortcomings or possible problems resulting from prolonged use or other situations. In this way they insure themselves against unpleasant situations, and if they see an abundance of negativity without the slightest reaction from the company, then the likelihood of making a purchase is typically reduced to zero.

Therefore, when working with customer reviews, Reputation House begins with monitoring and analysis of the existing information field. Specialists collect the most common search queries about the brand, its products and services, for example, “brand + reviews”, “product name + reviews”. At the same time, the sentiment of mentions about the company in the top 10 search results is studied, and the average rating in general and for individual resources is calculated.

Reputation House’s SERM approach requires high-quality feedback from brands. Copywriters, in conjunction with marketers, compose review texts, which are then published on behalf of the company. This policy helps to increase the loyalty of the dissatisfied part of the audience. People see that the brand is not indifferent to their problems and that it really wants to solve them and try to correct the situation.

Sometimes competitors deliberately write negative comments: thanks to such reviews, your reputation may suffer, because potential clients do not understand whether this is a genuine comment or one that was paid for by some bad actor. The solution to the problem lies in negotiating with the resource where the unreliable opinion was published, with the aim of removing it. Most often, sites will accommodate you and remove fake customer reviews, but Reputation House is also ready to represent your interests in court if the conflict is not resolved pre-trial.

Creating Product Cards Filled with Positive Content

This is another tool used by SERM from Reputation House which is especially relevant for companies that are just entering the market or introducing new products and services. It has also proven its effectiveness in ousting unwanted resources from the first page of search results.

The agency’s specialists select those sites that hold leading positions in the search results. Then content is prepared for them in the form of reviews about reputation, product quality, service and other aspects of the company’s work, which is posted from the accounts of influencers.

The task of this SERM Reputation House tool is to create search results in a positive-neutral tone.

Preparation and Placement of Articles

In addition to writing customer reviews, Reputation House creates review articles that talk about the strengths of the brand’s product and the advantages of the company itself. A prerequisite of this is SEO optimization so that the posted content appears in the search results when the relevant queries are entered.

The comprehensive approach of Reputation House towards customer reviews allows us to achieve truly high results. The quality of the agency’s work is evidenced by the fact that its activities have been repeatedly awarded with international awards. Its staff exceeds 200 people and operates 8 offices in various regions of the world. Rest assured that the team knows all about how to make online reviews work for your reputation, rather than against it.