3 Simple Steps to Descale Your Nespresso Machine

A cup of coffee in the morning has become a necessity for millions of people out there to help them start their days feeling refreshed. That’s why it’s common to find a Nespresso machine in a kitchen. If you also have one in your kitchen, then it’s necessary for you to know how to perform Nespresso descaling. Otherwise, the quality of the coffee that you sip every morning will degrade over time. However, you don’t have to worry about this because the following three simple steps to descale your Nespresso machine will guide you in descaling your beloved Nespresso machine.

Prepare a descaling solution

The first simple step to descale your Nespresso machine is to prepare a descaling solution. You can buy the solution specially made for descaling a Nespresso machine from a convenience store near your home or from an online store. If you can’t find the descaling solution, vinegar should be able to do the job. However, you can only use vinegar if you really can’t get a descaling solution. This is because although vinegar can do the job, it can damage your Nespresso machine. Besides the descaling solution, you also need to prepare some fresh water and a container because you need to mix the descaling solution with water until it’s ready to use.

Run the descaling cycle

The second simple step to descale your Nespresso machine after you have prepared the descaling solution is to run the descaling cycle. This can be done by pouring the descaling solution that has been mixed with water into the reservoir tank of your lovely Nespresso machine. Then, you can just run the Nespresso machine as if you want to make a cup of coffee. This process will let the descaling solution run through the internal parts of your Nespresso machine. So, make sure that the descaling solution has been flushed through the machine. If you still see some scale deposits, feel free to repeat the descaling cycle until all scale deposits are removed.

Rinse with fresh water

Finally, the third simple step to descale your Nespresso machine is to rinse with fresh water. This process is the same as the process of running the descaling cycle. However, instead of running the descaling solution through the Nespresso machine, you run the fresh water through it. To perform this, you have to remove the water reservoir again, discard the descaling solution that has been used in the descaling cycle, and clean the water reservoir until there’s no residue of the descaling solution. Then, you only need to put the water reservoir back and run the Nespresso machine again so the fresh water will flush the internal parts of the Nespresso machine. Once this process is complete, you have to check whether there’s still residue of the descaling solution in your Nespresso machine. If there is any, you can repeat this process until it’s totally clean.