2 Traditions That Will Lose at the 2022 Qatar World Cup

In every FIFA World Cup, there are some customs that later become traditions. However, some traditions are certain to be lost at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. For info, the 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar from November 21 to December 18. The Qatar 2022 World Cup will be the 22nd edition of the biggest football tournament in the world.

A total of 32 teams including Qatar as the host have confirmed a place in the 2022 World Cup. The World Cup itself is a historic edition because for the first time the FIFA World Cup will be held in the Middle East region. Here we summarize two World Cup traditions that will be lost during the event in Qatar, next November.

The 2022 World Cup will be held in winter!

In previous editions, the FIFA World Cup was always held in the summer, precisely from mid-June to July. However, the Qatar 2022 World Cup is like breaking tradition by being held in winter, aka the end of the year. The reason is to avoid high temperatures in Qatar. Hosting the World Cup at the end of the year means the tournament will take place as most European leagues enter the middle of the season. One of the competitions affected by the 2022 World Cup in winter is the top flight of the English League. To get around this, the Premier League has decided there will be a mid-season break to adjust to the Qatar 2022 World Cup schedule. However, Premier League players who are also competing in the 2022 World Cup must prepare with a busy schedule. To place your bets on your favorite teams and players, you should check out Mostbet India, one of the most reliable and efficient online betting platforms in India.

The last Premier League game before the 2022 World Cup will start on 12-13 November 2022. After the 2022 World Cup plays the final on 18 December, the Premier League will resume on 26 December. That means the distance between the 2022 World Cup final and the Premier League continuation is only eight days! The Premier League also had time to voice concerns over holding the World Cup at the end of the season. According to them, this could disrupt the local league. However, the hammer has been knocked and the schedule has been set. More complete information can be found on football sites that provide livescore soccer. One of them is footballant.com. This site provides more complete information than similar sites. Every visitor can easily access match schedules (from major European leagues to Latin America), livescores, betting tips, and even AI predictions. Anyone looking to bet on the 2022 World Cup matches will find “best friends” on footballant.com.

The Host will not play in the Opening Match

Another World Cup tradition missing in Qatar is the opener featuring the home team. In the last two editions of the World Cup in Brazil and Russia, the home team has always played in the opener. At the 2014 World Cup, the opening match featured a duel between hosts Brazil against Croatia. Then at the 2018 World Cup, hosts Russia played the opening match against Saudi Arabia. The home team’s tradition of appearing in the opener is certain to be lost at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The opening match of the 2022 World Cup will feature Senegal vs. Netherlands duel from Group A. After that, it will be followed by a match in Group B, namely England vs Iran. Meanwhile, the host Qatar will appear in the third match against Ecuador in the first matchday series of the 2022 World Cup.

There will be two traditions that will be lost at the 2022 World Cup, but the excitement, enthusiasm, and adrenaline will never be lost in any edition of the World Cup!

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